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Mike Cross August weblog roundup

By Mike Cross
Posted Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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August 25-28, 2005: North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Conference in Charlotte
Patrick and I attended the conference -- workshops and business sessions along with approximately 400 of our closest friends representing 80

Workshops attended:

* If everybody's talking, who's listening? Practical ways of engaging citizens and fellow officials in issues like land-use planning and
public hearings (we both attended)
* Counties, Cities and Schools: Tools and tips for working across boundaries to build collaboration and trust (Patrick)
* Growth Management and the use of Building Moratoria (me)
* Take a Gamble on the Lottery? Personal morality and public policy (me)
* The Leandro Lawsuit and the Future of Education Planning (Patrick)
* Sex, Lies, and Money!(Patrick)

District Caucus

We are in the NCACC District 9 -- Chatham, Orange, Durham, Wake, Lee, and Johnston Counties. I received the nomination to serve 2 years as District Director at the Friday caucus.

I was elected and sworn in during the General Business Session on Saturday. The District Director position comes with a seat on the NCACC Board of Directors.

I am honored to serve and look forward to the opportunities and possibilities!

The NCACC lobby is apparently not equal to the Realtor and Builder lobbies but that can change. NCACC serves as the voice of all 100
counties of NC and this voice must be heard!

August 24, 2005: Triangle J Council of Governments

* Welcome our new chairperson, Ms. Marla Dorrell, Cary commissioner
* Presentation on Orange County Active Seniors project
* Regional legislation update
* 2005-06 Committee appointments
* Executive Director's annual Performance Evaluation
* Executive Director's report.

August 24, 2005: Cary/Chatham Planning
Patrick and I had a lunch meeting with Cary commissioners Marla Dorrell and Julie Robison. We hope with a series of mini-meetings (which
will include all members of both boards) to bring both boards together for a constructive discussion aimed at the planning decisions that
have to be made east of Jordan Lake.

Patrick has the lead on this and will be the Chatham Commissioner participating in each mini-meeting.

Points of discussion today were:

* The 1992 Cary/Western Wake plan has been put aside.
* Cary is not seeking areas for annexation, they are responding to requests only. No involuntary annexations have occurred -- and there are no plans to do otherwise.
* Jordan Lake is a regional water source and we all have an interest in protecting it.
* A joint or Chatham plan would be a good place to start.
* A joint BOC/staff/citizen -- Cary and Chatham -- Advisory/Planning group will be discussed and probably evolve.

August 23, 2005: Orange-Person-Chatham (OPC) Mental Health

* Interim Director's Report
* Transition Plan Update and RFP Status
* Finance Officer's Report

Committee reports are being held until the September meeting so we could go into closed session for the Area Director Search Committee.

We came to a unanimous decision to recommend Mrs. Judy Truitt be hired as Area Director. She has been with OPC the past 17 years, the last 4 years as deputy director and the last 9 months as interim director and has done a great job under difficult circumstances.

Our recommendation will now go to each board of commissioners -- Orange, Person, and Chatham -- for approval.

Update: Sandra Tripp and Newland Communities
Newland Communities has settled with Miss Sandra Tripp in reference to her buffer at Briar Chapel. The road will be moved and she will have her buffer. My thanks to Mr. Mitch Barron, and I appreciate that all the parties were able to work this out.

Update: Moncure Paid Firemen
Our Moncure firemen now have the same Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health and Dental as N. Chatham and Pittsboro. My thanks to Mr. Tom Bender,
Chatham Fire Marshal, et. al.

August 18, 2005: Regional Planning Organization (RPO)

* Summary Review of the June 23 RPO.
* 2006 Planning Work Program Revisions
* Triangle Air Quality Conformity Findings and 2006-12 Resolutions.
* 2006 meeting calendar
* North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program Presentation by Suzanne Klimak, NCDENR
* NCDOT Updates

[/b]No big news -- Chatham Projects underway are funded to completion[/b]

* 15-501 should open December 2005
* Will Garner, or Division 8 engineer is moving to a new position and Rob Stone will take over December 8th.

August 16, 2005: Triangle Leadership Reception

Patrick and I attended an alumni reception to honor Mr. Jim Goodman as the new chairman. The reception was held in Bay 7 at American
Tobacco in Durham, and was attended by approximately 75 alumni going back to 1994. Our class tied for most "class attendees" and will enjoy a Durham Bulls game in the "big box." We enjoyed seeing our classmates and meeting many others!

August 16, 2005: Chatham County Affordable Housing Task Force ?
I met with a group of providers, planners and interested citizens today to develop what we hope will become an official Chatham County


Develop a comprehensive plan for affordable housing in Chatham

County Goals

1. Define affordable housing in respect to percentage of income -- mortgage/rent, and utilities
2. Define affordable housing needs and existing resources
3. Coordinate with Affordable Housing organizations to establish a comprehensive plan for resource development and distribution to address Affordable Housing
4. Research "best industry practices" and neighboring county requirements
5. Public education on affordable housing
6. Provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Commissioners to ensure the affordable housing needs of Chatham County are met.

We will be meeting again on 16 September to clear up a few details and I plan to present our request for official sanctioning to the BOC on 19 September

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Mike Cross August weblog roundup
Chatham County Commisioner Mike Cross shares his viewpoints with citizens on his weblog.

Related info:
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