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August 15, Board of Commissioners work session and regular meeting notes

By Mike Cross
Posted Monday, August 22, 2005

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August 15, 2005: Board Commissioners' regular session
Consent Agenda -- Approved 5-0

* Social Services Contracts for 2005-06 services to DSS
* "Windham, Phase I" to change roadway from "private" to "state maintained public"
* "Windham, Phase II" sketch design for 22 lots on 123 acres, located off North Pea Ridge Rd (SR 1700), New Hope Township
* Sketch, Preliminary, and Final approval, Robert and Vickie Currin, consisting of 1 non-residential lot on 1.67 acres, located off
Moncure-Pittsboro Rd (SR 1012), Haw River Township
* Colvard Farms, Phase VI and VII -- 37 lots on 30 acres, located off Hwy 751, Williams Township. Subdivision final approval.
* Colvard Farms -- existing CUP modified to add 1 acre/1 lot, bringing total number of lots to 146 and sketch design approval for phase VIII, consisting of 4 lots/3.76 acres located off Hwy 751, Williams Township.
* Extension of time on existing B-1 conditional use Rural Enterprises LLC, located on the NE intersection of Bob Horton Rd. (SR-1744) and US 64 in New Hope Township.
* Request to award bid for 6 new and 8 replacement vehicles for Chatham County Sheriff's Department.

Public Input Session

* Ms. Loyse Hurley, President of CCEC, related problems with erosion control at Chapel Ridge and requested that status of hiring our
previously approved erosion control staff (2) and the grant funding (Answer: the job announcement will go out on 21 August. The grant funding cutoff date WAS Oct 1st, but has been extended if we need
additional time.)
* Annexation: Ms. Sally Kost related concerns with Cary annexation of 38 additional acres in Amberly Place and Windle Ridge (note: as stated in work session, Patrick and I will by meeting with Cary representatives on 24 August).

Public Hearings

* Community Development Block Grant Economic Development Grant application to provide water line to Southern Supreme in SW Chatham. Currently there are 24 full-time employees which will provide $240,000 in grant money and $179,000 will come from county funds. This will eventually become part of the SW Water District. Thirty-five residential customers and two poultry farms have signed up for this line and should be completed by early 2006.
* Resolution of support for submission of a Community Development Block Grant for Economic Development -- Water system improvements to serve Southern Supreme. Approved 5-0.
* Resolution to execute CDBG related documents -- water system --
Southern Supreme, approved 5-0.
* Proposed Chatham County National Incident Management System Ordinance (CCNMIMSO). No sign-ups.
* Request to approve CCNIMSO, approved 5-0.

Planning and Zoning

* Expansion and revision to existing Conditional Use Permit for Private Campground -- add 18.7 acres (total 26 acres) and 84 additional sites (total 105) with swimming pool, bathhouse, and laundry facility, located off Corinth Rd. in Cape Fear township -- approved 5-0
* Revision to existing conditional use business district to change auto repair garage of Mr. Lynwood Daniel to Conditional Use Permit for (1) sporting goods (2) printing and publishing and incidental storage for retail sales on premises. 1.28 acres located off Jones Ferry Rd. (SR1540) in Baldwin Township. Approved 5-0.
* Amendment to Chatham County Communications Tower Ordinance to allow up to a 300 foot tower in areas #2 and #3 when proposed by a Public Agency and public benefit can be substantiated. Approved 5-0.
* 300 foot tower for Chatham County Emergency Operations to accommodate state VIPER communications system -- 1 acre -- located off Siler City-Glendon Rd. (SR 1006) in Bear Creek Township. Approved 5-0
* Award of bid for Harper's Crossroads Communications Tower to Sabre Communication Corp. for materials and erection of tower. Approved 5-0.

August 15, 2005: Board of Commissioners' work session

* Free Pharmacy -- Dr. Don Lucy of Chatham CARES Community Pharmacy presented their program to help the indigent and low income citizens. The first free pharmacy should open in early 2006 and will be located at our new Council on Aging in the Siler City Business Park. An additional site will open in Pittsboro at a later date.
* Chatham Hospital was extended additional time on their "option to purchase" land in our Chatham Business Park for their new hospital. This should be cleared up by December.
* Highway Art -- Ms. Mary McClure received approval to set up an Arts Committee - county wide - to look into the possibility of using large art creations in conjunction with our new "Welcome to Chatham" signs.
* USDA Rural Development -- Mr. Jackie Lamb presented an update on USDA programs that are and can help Chatham County.
* North Carolina Association of County Commissioners -- BOC approved $500 for the NCACC Scholarship Fund
Cary and Chatham -- Patrick and I will meet with a couple of Cary Commissioners on 24 August to try to set an ad hoc group for discussing mutual interests -- especially annexation issues.

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August 15, Board of Commissioners work session and regular meeting notes
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