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Cross votes "yes" to Briar Chapel

By Mike Cross
Posted Saturday, February 19, 2005

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I have received a truckload of e-mail from fellow citizens, most of whom supported my campaign and are NOW shocked, distressed, outraged, dumbfounded, retrieving their vote, disgusted, moving out of Chatham County, very disappointed, stunned, let down, concerned about a comment I made to Paul McCoy (taken completely out of context), revoking my campaign sign space, would like to have their vote back--and their contribution, looking for a rail (for me to ride), lighting matches (for the tar pot), expressing my needs, providing very sage advice and are actually concerned about how well I sleep at night-but they weren't ALL that nice.

I hear you and I respect your right to voice your opinion. I am very aware that I am "your public servant". I do not have the resources to reply individually to each and every email, but I offer the following thoughts for your consideration.

I wasn't involved in the research, discussions and writing of the Land Use Development Plan, the Compact Communities Ordinance or the Strategic Plan, but I applaud those who were, they did some excellent work! --some are your neighbors. It is now my job to execute their work as best I can.

I am very aware that I am "your public servant".

The entire area where Briar Chapel is to be built is--and has been for some time--designated for Compact Communities. Briar was, for all practical purposes, approved when the previous BOC voted to set the housing limit at 2500.

I was against that number then-I think 1200-1500 should have been the limit-and I stand by that now!

My vote on Briar Chapel was absolutely gut wrenching for me. I have spent countless hours/days researching the concerns and details--particularly those of Briar Chapel's area neighbors. This project is several years into the process and I don't know why these details weren't worked out long before now--and I still don't know what level school the BOE wants, if any, but I have to work with what I've got.

I do know that no other developers are offering the amenities, land and voluntary financial contribution --and are willing to continue to work with the BOC to improve their development.

IF Briar Chapel could have been rejected--and I see no way that it could be, legally--this area would still be developed with 3, 4 or 5 compact communities and very possibly faster than Newland can do it--with no extras and most likely requiring adjoining subdivision road connectivity.

When I was campaigning, I heard much about we can't stop Briar Chapel so we should get as much as we can through the details.

That's what I've been working on and will continue to work on. It ain't over yet!

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Cross votes "yes" to Briar Chapel
Chatham County Commisioner Mike Cross shares his viewpoints with citizens on his weblog.

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