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Commissioners Bock, Petty, and Stewart's vision for Chatham County

By Brian Bock
Posted Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Pittsboro, NC - I read the Chatham Chatlist post from "freewill44444." Sometimes it is difficult to get the word out about what we, as commissioners are doing. Commissioners Bock, Petty, and Stewart have a website that should help. On it, you will find articles that have been posted over the past 4 years explaining our thinking on many topics. It also starts with our vision statement. I've copied it for you below. You'll see that every decision we've made has been to move us toward this vision. The website is

I hope this helps.

Vision Statement

"We envision a county that sets the example for all others. When people think of Chatham, we want them to say, “Now there is a county that works”. Their people are working, the educational system works, the economy works, the government is accountable, efficient, flexible, and works for all.

Imagine an educational system where everybody is working together, where we acknowledge, one size doesn’t fit all. Further imagine a system where every child receives a quality education regardless of address or household income. Now imagine that graduates from this system can live and work in Chatham. A system where our commissioners, school board, charter schools, EDC, and the community college work as ONE team with ONE goal. It’s not only possible it’s working and getting better! We have one of the best relationships among these groups anywhere. We have excellent programs for K-12 and the community college with additional plans to expand opportunities. Commissioners regularly meet with the superintendent and BOE representatives to create better understanding and better communication. Charter School representatives are building relationships with district leadership. Our CCCC leadership is proactive in creating customized programming. We can build a system where the barriers separating different educational options are removed. We are investing in our K-14 system; offering more opportunity, more options and a higher quality of education. We are moving closer to realizing the vision of a world-class educational system that WORKS for all.

We want to help create an environment where everyone who wants a job has one. A place where barriers to small business success are removed, growth in our manufacturing base is accelerated, and more investment in agriculture is made. Our economic development efforts are WORKING and leading us to prosperity.

We can reduce poverty and homeless. We want to tackle the causes rather than focus on the symptoms. More partnerships with businesses like those that led to almost $70,000 in donations from a single corporation to the CORA food bank and other non-profits. These partnerships enable us to provide more support to non-profits that are addressing the causes.

Lastly, by employing a balanced approach, we will have a strong economy and a clean environment.Our recently adopted strategic land use plan strikes this balance. We will continue our support of common sense regulations that strengthen environmental protections"

Brian Bock is a Chatham County Commissioner.

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Commissioners Bock, Petty, and Stewart's vision for Chatham County
Chatham County commissioner
Brian Bock.

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