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Voting by district: A parable

By Greg Stafford
Posted Friday, August 25, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - Years ago Bynum had an operational one lane bridge. The DOT planned on closing it. Most of the people of Bynum opposed closing it. At the public hearing many residents of Bynum showed up. Many people outside of Bynum appeared as well.

During the public meeting residents of Bynum discussed practical matters. Many older residents, afraid of driving, were concerned about crossing the bridge to the post office or to visit friends. Others were concerned that the loss of traffic flow would kill what little business remained there.

Outsiders spoke up about more vague concerns. A beautiful walking bridge. Two visitors spoke of a walking bridge in Scottsdale Arizona which was so beautiful. The DOT closed the bridge and I have not seen any of the outsiders back in Bynum since the courthouse meeting.

My point in this is that there are many cultures in Chatham.

My point in this is that there are many cultures in Chatham. Fearrington and Bear Creek are as different as Snipes MHP and the Preserve. The priorities of these people are different. If we fail to move to voting by district the ever growing population of north Chatham will control the elections of every district.

As I said in my previous post I do not care about the personalities in this particular case. Bunky is obviously trying to create a place for himself on the BOC that he lost through the old system. The question is not about Bunky however. The question is whether the residents of his district should have the right to vote him in as their commissioner over the objection of those who do not live in his district. I say they should.

All of that said I am a cautious Coalition supporter. I look forward to a little rest from the construction around me. I look forward to a growing Chatham but with four developments in progress on the road I live on I look forward to some rest when those are completed.

Getting behind a dump truck every day is a bummer.

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Voting by district: A parable
Greg Stafford is an attorney in Pittsboro, NC.