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Shameful vote for incentives for ISP

By Lesley Landis
Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - Last night Chatham County citizens witnessed our lame duck board once again refuse to evaluate data and public input and instead poke a finger in the watchful eye of its constituents.

Who spoke in favor of tax rebates for ISP? Former Lt. Governor and legal counsel Dennis Wicker, Siler City commissioner and local banker Sam Adams, former Siler City town manager, planning board chair and current economic development guru Don Tarkington and the waffling political candidate Karl Ernst, who never gave a firm position, but appeared unwilling to disappoint his master's wishes regarding industrial development in Western Chatham. (He could teach yoga masters a few tricks about pretzel positions.)

Who spoke against granting incentives? Only about thirty or so citizens from the county and a considerable number from the Mt. Vernon Springs area. This included local homeowners, physicians, winery owners, and large landowners and businessmen from the area like longtime resident Mr. Wrenn.

Additionally, many citizens from the Mt. Vernon Springs area were in attendance and citizens who were too ill or unable to attend the public hearing submitted their comments to the written record for study and analysis by our County government and its elected board. With millions of dollars at stake and many county citizens---especially western Chatham citizens potentially affected by these proposed tax breaks and the siting of this extraction industry south of Siler City up for consideration, one might expect due diligence and care by out elected officials. Hah---you had a better chance of expecting mercy from Vlad the Impaler or a July snow storm in Miami Beach, Florida.

Our political situation is not just broken. We have run over a large pothole and torn the rear axle off of the vehicle. We are just grinding the gears and making sparks on the pavement. These men LOST by a WIDE margin on May 2nd. There was no reason for a recount and there were no mulligans for errant shots---heck you couldn't even blame El Nino or sunspots for the results in May---they were BLOWN OUT and what have they done since their repudiation? Ram down your throats so many approvals and injustices to make you wonder if they ever felt accountable to the people in the first place.

When Bunkey Morgan called for the vote to give away our money with no contingencies nor any concern for reviewing any submitted material he once again showed his colors and true nature to the citizens and voters. A poor citizen beat back tears to address the board after the ignoble vote, a voice vote where Mr. Outz barely raised his hand in approval-hoping nobody would notice what a coward he is---and this woman could not believe it was over. She loudly beseeched the board:

"What about the submitted materials...we have letters from people too sick to attend this meeting...what about their represent us, NOT the corporation ISP...this happened with Siler City, too....nobody cares about the PEOPLE..." SHAMEFUL....

A difference can be made.

Tom Vanderbeck spoke out against these incentives and the mine in general. George Lucier spoke out against this plan. Patrick Barnes was against the plan as was Mike Cross.

Members of the Coalition opposed this ill conceived idea. The Friends of the Rocky River said "No". Many citizens from Mt. Vernon Springs were against the incentives and the mine in general. Heck, random concerned citizens and taxpayers from all over the county spoke passionately and eloquently against this fools gold proposal. Bunkey just has tin ears and greenstone for a heart. Obviously he does NOT live in the district he represents...

What can be done?

Organize. Put up signs. Post on the chatlist and bulletin board. Write letters to the editors of the Chatham Journal, the Chatham Record and N & O. Talk to your neighbors. But most importantly, vote for Tom Vanderbeck and Vote "NO" against the proposed district voting.

Without 5 commissioners elected by ALL of the people there will never be a remedy for these poor citizens in Siler City's ETJ who are about to rebate a billionaire tax dollars so his little cash cow can defecate all over the citizens of Mt. Vernon Springs and the county.

I never realized what cowardly masochists led our county. Election Day cannot arrive too soon!

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Shameful vote for incentives for ISP