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School Board members fly to California while local school infrastructure crumbles

By Meg Miller
Posted Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - This is a letter I sent to the Chatham County commissioners, the holders of the purse strings, a few weeks back.

Hello all,

Last evening the Northwood PTSA voted to spend $5000 to bring the the football field house concessions up to code so it can be used for spring sports. The money was given to the Booster club in order to facilitate these much need repairs. This was done out of desperation. We don't like to spend PTSA funds on facility maintenance. We'd much rather spend it in the classroom or for our staff and faculty.

David Moody was contacted today and has promised the county will pay for the repairs but not any improvements. He does not want us spending PTSA money. By improvements I mean bathroom renovations, paint and counter tops in the concession stand.

The problem I am having is that some members of the Board of Education are capable of finding the funds to fly to California, along with several administrators for the upcoming NSBA meeting, while we are being told the the current "financial crisis" makes it impossible to do anything to address the deplorable conditions at the field house.

How does that work? The entire state in cutting back. The Boosters are scrapping together money to buy uniforms and paying for paint and supplies out of parents pockets but TRAVEL, across the country no less, is not even questioned??

So just where do we draw the line in this "crisis"? No money to correct unsanitary, dangerous conditions at the NW field house but money for hotels in San Diego? Sorry,, that just makes NO sense to me.

Can one of you possibly ask this question of your BOE liaison?


Meg Miller

PS. We are very grateful for the renovations and improvements currently being made at the school. But the field house has got to be addressed, one way or the other, in the not too distant future. I'm sorry the school was poorly built to start with, then ignored for years and now we're at this point, on your watch.

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