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Vance Remick addresses concerns about the Pittsboro General Store Cafe

By Vance Remick
Posted Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - First and foremost, I wish to apologize for any problems our customers may have faced over the last few months while dining at the Pittsboro General Store Cafe.

We do hear you and we are addressing all of your issues. We do care about service and our food and hope that you will call or e-mail me any time if you have not had a good experience here at the GSC. I also have a shift leader or floor manager on hand at all times and they are there to talk to every customer and solve any problems immediately to your satisfaction. Please, please, please let us know your problems when they happen. A happy you is the only way for us to stay open and keep employed the 50 plus people who are our GSC family. Thanks for your support for The General Store Café.

I do want to add that it seems that people are using the Chatham Chatlist to make misleading statements about the GSC and I either need to talk to these people face to face or at least be able to substantiate their clams. I will be glad to sit down with anyone who would like to attend a coffee and cobbler session at the Pittsboro General Store Cafe on Tuesday evening, October 18 at 7pm. I will be there to talk and the coffee and tea and cobbler is on us.

By the way, our chicken salad is always made fresh two or three times weekly (with local chicken) and never out of temp unless we have just made it and it is ready to be cooled and held in the cooler until served. We make a lot of our food from scratch and do not pour it out of a can.

Our crew is proud of what we serve and how we serve it and 99 percent of our customers would agree with that. When you make things from scratch you have to be diligent about cooling, and any cross contamination possibilities. I do believe the health department watches us even more diligently because of our use of local products and in house preparation where many other restaurants serve prepared products plopped out of a can and well preserved.

Many of the folks from the health department eat with us regularly and I think of them and their work in our community as an asset to the GSC. We are not always at our best (sorry we are all human with the same problems everyone else is facing the days) but we are all trying to be on top of our game at the GSC and if the health department wishes for us to change we always comply.

Our wait staff is our family and yes they have been asked to go above and beyond at times but just as a family does they complain little and work hard and are not to blame for our present financial problems. We spent money and grew at the wrong time and the recession has grabbed us. Yes business is down, think about how many times you eat out compared to two or three years ago.

Kick me if you wish. I was the over optimistic one in 2007-8 that actually believed that Chatham County was growing fast and worth investing in. I still believe that now, but have very little left to give. I am at your service please come by and have some cobbler and coffee with me on Tuesday.

Vance Remick is the co-owner of the Pittsboro General Store Cafe and can be reached at 919-545-1875.

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Vance Remick addresses concerns about the Pittsboro General Store Cafe
Vance Remick is the co-owner of the Pittsboro General Store Cafe.
photo by Gene Galin