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Progressive special interest groups do not represent the will of ordinary Chatham citizens

By Randy Dye
Posted Friday, June 24, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - I have not had my ear to the ground recently, being focused on lobbying the Raleigh legislature before crossover on June 9 that I have left my rear in the air as a target and neglected to catch how the progressive groups are attempting to intimidate the commissioners with large numbers and drowning out common sense.

I've been receiving several reports of special interests groups coming into these meetings, pressuring our Board of Commissioners, attempting to make it appear you are not doing the will of your constituents.

I come here this evening to assure you this is not the case, in fact it's the furthest from the truth. I'll remind everyone that is why the former Board of Commissioners were voted out of office last election, not just one or two, but all three were voted out of office.

I can honestly testify that from speaking with many members of the community that they were not happy with the previous Board of Commissioners and they are very satisfied with the decisions you have made since the election.

And now we have a call for political attacks against the new board of Commissioners being distributed via email and Facebook, twitter, etc. asking special interest groups to come here and speak out against the BOC at these meetings, which they have every right to do.

But I will also remind you that these are just special interests groups, a very minute part of the population of Chatham County. A lot of this noise is coming from groups that want to have more power; power to police local farming, power to control water and building, power to control our children's education, and more ability to keep an ever watchful eye on citizens. They support more regulations that we the consumer end up paying for. These special interest groups are more interested in building their empires and having more power over the people than they are in working for common sense solutions.

I urge you to hear what they say but also hear the humble voices of the majority of the citizens in Chatham County and make your decisions accordingly.

Randy Dye presented his comments to the BOC in the June 6 meeting and provided them in their entirety.

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Progressive special interest groups do not represent the will of ordinary Chatham citizens
Members of special interest groups were invited "to bring pitchforks" to the commissioners' meeting.