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Long time citizens seek to preserve the heritage of Chatham County

By Gina Dye
Posted Friday, June 24, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - There was a speaker recently at a board of commissioners meeting that made a statement reminding the Commissioners to remember that they represent all the citizens of Chatham County. I found this an interesting statement since I am pretty confident that this individual felt the previous Board of Commissioners did represent all the citizens of Chatham.

A couple of points in regards to this: We had an election in November and the results were evidence that the previous board members were not representing the wants and needs of the Chatham citizens. A change was called for and the new board of commissioners should be allowed to work for the citizens of Chatham without having to deal with all of the nasty games from those that cannot accept they do not represent the majority of Chatham County, especially from those serving on this board calling for "pitchforks".

While many long time residents of Chatham County may be registered as Democrats, it is not an indication that they support liberal or progressive agendas. Most of the long time citizens that I have had the pleasure of meeting are conservative at heart and want to preserve the heritage of Chatham while promoting common sense growth and development. They do not support larger and more expensive government at the expense of higher taxes nor loss of constitutional rights.

I have been a resident of Chatham County for eight years now. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, raised by parents that had moved from the mid-west looking for better opportunities for themselves and their children. But something happened over the years, as the politics of California became more and more liberal and progressive.

The safe small town I grew up in became a haven for illegal aliens, many which were gang members. By the time I was in high school, I was the minority on campus and faced violence many days, even to the point of being chased from school with bottles, rocks and angry mobs, all because of my skin color. I finally had to leave that town a few years later when I had become a wife and mother as the neighborhood I lived in was shot up by drive by gang members.

You might think what does this have to do with Chatham County? I can tell you, it has everything to do with Chatham and the events taking place here in the past few years. If the conservative members of this county do not start speaking out and standing up for what is right, this county will be just like El Monte, California. We already see evidence of it taking place in Siler City where the violence and gangs are taking over what was once a nice safe small town.

I close with voicing my support for this board of commissioners to continue using common sense to govern, doing all in their powers to return Chatham County to a safe place to live and work. I do feel that this board represents all the citizens of Chatham unlike the previous board. I ask all the citizens to begin to talk about the difficulties we as a community are facing and find ways to get involved with finding the solutions.

The board of commissioners cannot do it without us, and we cannot sit silently by or we might as well make plans to start searching for another safe community to live in, because it won‘t be here if we wait for someone else to do it.

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Long time citizens seek to preserve the heritage of Chatham County