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"Pittsboro Place" could leave Pittsboro DISplaced

By Rita K. Spina
Posted Monday, July 23, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - The "Empire" is on the march again and ready to "strike back" with a plan to create the Mother of all Malls on the edge of town that makes South Point look like small potatoes. It would encompass 1.3 million sq. ft. of commercial development (equivalent to six Super Wal-Marts plus parking decks and other tall buildings at a later date) and 332 residential units. A flyer distributed by the developers to local neighborhoods and area homes in Pittsboro tauts Pittsboro Place as an economic savior, a mecca for jobs and a place to dine out, take in a movie and bowl.

That’s their one sided propaganda. But the fact that they have canvassed neighborhoods with promotional flyers urging citizens to turn out to support the project indicates that they know they have a battle on their hands to try to push this giant through the back door as quickly as possible.

We urge ALL CITIZENS from Chatham, the ETJ and those who look and shop and drive through Pittsboro, to pack the Superior Courthouse (in the circle) on Monday July 23 at 7:00 p.m. to tell and hear "the rest of the story" about the dark side of Pittsboro Place. Developers are ready once again to impose their concept that "Bigger is Better."

The timing of this gargantuan proposal and the urgency to ram it through the Town Board prior to the fall election is a reminder of recent development tactics on the county level. This proposal comes just as:

the town has been working on a land use plan in conjunction with Triangle J Council of Governments and citizens; the movement towards high end job development in Pittsboro is underway; there are already significant signs of leadership in "green, ecologically sound development" within the boundaries of the town; discussions are being carried on to provide further town development to preserve and enhance the quality of life in keeping with the character and charm of Pittsboro.

Along with the Pittsboro Place package comes the proposal for a by-pass around Pittsboro to try to accommodate the traffic nightmare which could gridlock the town, devastate the historic downtown economy and ruin the unique and charming character of Pittsboro. We have watched a by-pass make ghost towns of many small communities all over the country without public input. Your ears and voices are needed to make the decisions necessary of an "informed public".

What do you want for Pittsboro? How do you want Pittsboro to grow? Your input is needed.

Remember that the legal record is set by the information presented at the Public Hearing. Remember Lee Moore Oil who threatened the intersection at 15-501 on the Orange County line with Chatham when they proposed a big box store? Based upon the public record, the courts ruled against Lee Moore.

Recall the request for help for Harvey Harmon, the green builder in Siler City? The court ruled for him, based upon the public record.

Your presence, your ears, your voices are critical. Please make your thoughts known at this Public Hearing on July 23rd at 7 p.m.

Your charmed, authentic, historic community is at stake.

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