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Another POD for Northwood?

By Meg Miller
Posted Friday, January 5, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - Those of us who frequent Northwood High School have been wondering why the entire section of woods was cleared to make way to the new 8 classroom POD. I have been told the space next to the existing POD is for parking and, yep, ANOTHER POD.

Good grief.

And where will all these kids have gym, eat lunch, have band, art? Adding classrooms does nothing to add to the core space of the school.

And while my son thinks the POD is "nice" won't last. It's a half million dollar trailer. It's cheap. It is what it is and it will have hundreds of kids in and out of it everyday. I know we needed a quick fix but ANOTHER POD?

Come on Board of Education and Board of Commissioners, let's make some long term decisions that don't 1) waste taxpayer money and 2) put our students in brick and motor thats' going to last longer than a decade (there is no way this cardboard cutout is going to last that long...not with the wear and tear high schoolers do)

And please don't think about another POD until you do something to expand the core of Northwood and address the single entrance. Adding more kids, adding more parking means adding more traffic. We have got to have an axillary gym and a better media center.

Instead of adding another POD, why not build an arts wing with a bigger band room (much needed) and art room(also MUCH needed) and an up to date media center. Then convert the room inside the building to classrooms. NO MORE CHEAP TRAILERS.
It's not about what my kids deserves, it's about planning and money and what makes a better learning environment.

My kids will be gone by time any of this happens but you younger parents need to understand what the plans are.
Come on, get involved in this and encourage the BOE/BOC to make better decisions for the future.

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