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Why it’s important to get involved before the election

By Brian Bock
Posted Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - Many people I talk to question whether or not their involvement in the political process beyond voting is important and if so, why and what can they do. I want to give a little background as to what is happening around us and hopefully prompt you to get more involved and to get your friends involved.

There is a political war being waged. A war between socialism and capitalism that will be won by one side or the other. A war in which capitalism and liberty is currently loosing.

Before I go any further and get accused of sensationalism by using the words “war” and “socialism” I want to define a few terms. Definitions are important because, as our President reminded us during the campaign, these are not JUST words.

War: Active hostility or contention in a serious effort to end something. In this case the “something” is Capitalism and the free market system.

Socialism: A theory that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, in a centralized government. In Marxist theory it is the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism.

Capitalism: The opposite of Socialism. It is the free market system and promotes private enterprise and entrepreneurship. It is the system that has made the U.S. the greatest force for good that the world has known.

The Cap & Trade bill says all home sales are conditioned upon an energy audit and a new energy rating assessment. You will not be able to sell your house unless it meets the new standards.

With the take over of GM and the passing of the “cap and trade” bill in the House, the Federal Government now controls or soon will control the means of production and distribution of our industrial base. It controls our capital base with the take over AIG and the largest banks in the country. It controls private property through unreasonable use of imminent domain in the name “the community good”.

If you doubt that the Government controls these industries ask yourself, who has the ability to fire the CEO? Who has the ability to appoint members to the board of Directors? Who makes the decisions concerning which products will be produced and who will get access to capital? Add to all of that the desire of Obama administration to control the entire health care industry.

Now ask yourself, does Government control of the Health Care industry, Auto industry, Energy sector, financial industry in addition to everything else already controlled fit the definition of Socialism? I say yes!

Those not involved in any of the mentioned industries often feel that none of this affects them personally. Not so, let me bring it a little closer to home. Governor Purdue and the Board of Commissioners in Chatham County have been emboldened by the socialism movement on the National level and put it on steroids here.

Just a few examples of expanded control of your daily life currently in the works in Chatham County that you may or may not be aware of;

1) The major corridor ordinance: A radical ordinance that will transfer 23,000 acres in Chatham County from private control to government control

2) Grand Trees of Chatham. A program that identifies, documents, and recognizes significant trees. It’s stated purpose is to increase public understanding and appreciation of these irreplaceable trees in order to ensure stewardship of these trees for future generations. This has the potential to grow into a body that will have the ability to designate trees on anyone’s property as historic or significant and be just one more way to prevent private citizens from the free use of their private property.

3) Sustainable Communities Development Department. A brand new department created in June of 2009. This department will coordinate several major county functions to include central permitting, planning, green building, sustainable transportation and affordable housing. This comes with a couple of newly created well paid staff positions like the sustainable communities director and the transportation director with accompanying staff to be added to the budget.

4) One quick note on the Cap & Trade bill; This may seem to be national initiative with little impact on regular people. Not so. In this 1300 page bill that nobody read is a paragraph that affects every house; It says all home sales are conditioned upon an energy audit and a new energy rating assessment. The system will penalize you for older windows, original fixtures, and dated appliances. You will not be able to sell your house unless it meets the new standards. This bill will bring down the value of your home. These new standards will overwrite all local building codes. In effect this is a national building code! Congressmen Etheridge, Miller and Price all voted for this Bill. It’s bad if they didn’t read it and voted but it’s almost worse if they read it and voted for it.

These are only a few examples of major intrusions into our liberty, they are very costly and unnecessary. These programs will drive up taxes, prevent job growth, and not promote sustainability.

This economic model has never worked. Look at California, New York, and New Jersey. Three of the most highly taxed and government controlled states in the Country. All were at one time known as rich states but are now known for their job losses, ever increasing deficits, wage stagnation and net migration out. That is the future for NC and Chatham County if we don’t stop it.

Our way of life depends on protecting liberty at the local, state and national level. We do this by supporting Republican candidates at all levels.

I ask that when you hear yourself or someone else say “the Republican Party needs to do this or do that” you stop. The Republican Party is not a living organism. It is made up of millions of individuals who support a set of core beliefs. The Party can’t do anything unless the individuals that make it up get involved.

By getting involved and supporting those republicans that support our platform, we will not only protect the liberty we have but regain that which we have lost.

Brian Bock is Chatham County GOP Chair

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Why it’s important to get involved before the election