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Flashing lights at Cole Park are a safety hazard

By Meg Miller
Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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North Chatham, NC - The ongoing problems with the lights at Cole Park have been something I've been talking with folks about for over a year and a half now.

Anytime there is a power surge or the lights go out this light goes into flash mode. The only person who can fix it is a tech. that has to come from Carthage. That usually takes two hours. That is unacceptable.

This started with construction. Watson Electric admitted to me months ago there was a problem the could not locate. Well, DOT took it over along with the problem. Watson and DOT admit they cannot locate the problem after a year of trying. So, those of us who travel this road are put in this dangerous situation several times a month.

The lights flash for over two hours and people do not slow down. I've call the Sheriff and the Highway Patrol, asking for them to come control traffic during these times and was told by both depts. "they don't have the manpower". I followed up on that with the Sheriff because they seemed to have the manpower to park in front of Lowe's all day last week. I spoke with Sgt. Allen and he made me feel a bit better that someone MIGHT come if I called and expressed concern. My advice is ANYTIME these lights are flashing, please call the following numbers.

1) Sgt. Allan 542-2811 ext. 223 (ask for a deputy to be dispatched)
2) Gary Phillips (not OUR Gary P.) Eng. DOT/Carthage 910-947-3930 (tell him to FIX THIS NOW)
3) Lyndo Tippet (head of DOT) 733-2520 (tell him his underlings are putting lives in danger by not doing their jobs)

I asked Mr. Phillips for a record of the trouble with this light and he told me I'd have to go through the Attorney General's office.

What??? I'm just trying to fix an safety issue and now I'm dealing the the Attorney General's office.

Well, that's fine.

Please contact me anytime you see this light in flash mode by email or phone, 929-1756.

Maybe if they hear from MORE of us, they will do something about it.

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Flashing lights at Cole Park are a safety hazard