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School superintendent Robert Logan's plan will ruin our community schools

By Daniel Stevens
Posted Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Bennett, NC - My name is Daniel Stevens and I am currently serving as vice president of the Bennett Elementary School PTA. I have held my tongue long enough. This school board thinks that people on this side of the county are stupid and don't know what is best for our children. Disguising a hidden agenda as cost savings. Anyone with a couple of brain cells left over can add dollars and cents. Busing our kids half way across the county will increase transportation costs, not to mention the renovations of schools to make them compatible with the size of the children. So all the supposed savings will be eaten up and then some.

The hidden agenda has been coming since our current not so superintendent took office. From the beginning he has made it known that certain areas of this county were not diverse enough for him. In an attempt to balance equality and test scores the board will actually raise taxes and ruin our community schools (i.e. Wake County.) You know that two certain ex-county commissioners pulled similar stunts thinking they did not need approval from this side of the county. See where they are today; sitting at home and wondering why. So those of you up for reelection think before you act. On this side of the county we love our schools and will do whatever it takes to keep them.

The reason our schools out here in the country achieve better than others is because of unwavering community and parental support. Take a look at PTA thrift store hours worked. Direct correlation between parental involvement and test scores. At our community school we raise money to buy what our kids need to excel, things that are provided to other schools, but still make no difference.

Cost savings is something simple - more education and less administration. Oh, but it is that simple. Look at the charter school system that requires less than half the money to educate each child. But wait, how you ask; they have to answer for every dollar spent. They do not pay their "superintendent" a unreasonable amount to do what one or two people would do for half the pay. They do not build over the top schools for people who think they have to have a $50 million dollar school to learn in. No matter what the school costs, with the right amount of teaching and support we can achieve anything.

I would be willing to wager anything that our school budget will actually increase if this passes.

Another thing to think about is all the kids who will no longer be able to participate in athletics because of this stupid expensive move. I thought that fit and active kids were a top priority of ours. This move would eliminate 45 children from participation in each sport. So if the board feels that this move is still in our best interest, then more athletic programs need to be added. Since our taxes will already be going up we want a new $50 million dollar school over here.

Disguise it any way you want. A snake dressed as a puppy is still a snake and will bite you.

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School superintendent Robert Logan's plan will ruin our community schools