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It is about time the radical Left learned to use the tactics of the radical Right

Posted Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Pittsboro, NC - This is in response to Thom Goolsby's "Moron Monday shows that the radical Left just doesn't get it" article. Instead of promoting an atmosphere to create desperately needed jobs, they are rehashing decisions made years ago so that the new member can have chance to vote against the law of the land.

North Carolina is now the laughing stock of the country. The Republicans proposed a “State Religion”!Well Mr. Goolsby, it is about time that the progressives learned from and are now using the tactics the radical Right has used so successfully. I agree with you that elections have consequences. The Republicans have voted 37 times to abolish the Affordable Care Act knowing that there is no way it will ever pass. Do the Republicans in Washington believe that elections have consequences? No. Ins ( GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 2013 H D HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION DRHJR10194-MM-54 (03/19) Sponsors: Representatives Ford and Warren (Primary Sponsors).

Have they not heard of the Constitution of the United States of America?

So now your position is that we should do nothing and not object to what the “Tea Party” Republicans are doing to our state. The Republicans in Raleigh are spitefully not participating in Obama-care. Don't you remember that the concept of the Affordable Care Act was originally a Republican idea? Now that is was passed a a Democratic administration, Republicans are against it.

How stupid is it that we will now be paying for healthcare for residents of other states while denying thousands of needy North Carolinian's the healthcare that they need and are ENTITLED to, because of Republican partisan politics?

North Carolina is 45th in per pupil spending and we are now cutting education spending again. This is, in my opinion, part of the nation wide campaign by Republicans to destroy public education in this country. High quality public schools are what built this country.The Republican Legislators in Raleigh are passing laws while ignoring inputs of experts and their constituents.

The General Assembly considers sweeping changes to Jordan Lake rules without regard for local opposition to these changes. NC House votes to fire more than 100 commission members. They intend to cut members positions on commissions focused on consumer and environmental protection.This is why we are demonstrating every Monday. Because we care about all of the citizens in this state, we will continue to come to Raleigh to bring attention to the destruction of the state by the Republican administration.

The Democratic Party is the party of the New Deal, the party that created Social Security and Medicare. (Both of theses programs were targeted for drastic reductions or elimination by Republicans). The cornerstone of our beliefs are opportunity, fairness and equality.

We will come to Raleigh and stand up for these ideals for as long as it takes.

Ted Dunn is theChair of West Williams Precinct of the Chatham County Democratic Party.

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It is about time the radical Left learned to use the tactics of the radical Right