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Illegal immigration supporters in Chatham County get down and dirty

By William Gheen
Posted Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - I am encouraged by the the recent desperate and traditional response of the illegal immigration supporters in Chatham County. Certain County Commissioners like George Lucier, and illegal alien supporting activists have responded to citizen activists that disagree with the County Commission's decision to establish Chatham as North Carolina's first and only official Sanctuary County by engaging in dirty politics, smear campaigns, and ad hominem attacks.

This is pretty much the standard reaction any place in the country where illegal immigration supporters find themselves challenged by law abiding and concerned Americans.

In the last two weeks, the Sanctuary County supporters on the County Commission, on a local BBS, and in the ranks of the nonprofit groups supporting the resolution to prohibit local police in the county from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement have attacked me, my organization ALIPAC, and about every group and citizen that has spoken out against the secretive move by the Commissioners.

We need everyone to realize that the illegal alien supporters almost always do this. They try to change the subject to attack the messengers because their positions on illegal immigration are indefensible on moral, ethical, and legal grounds as well as in the court of public opinion, since over 80% of Americans favor local police enforcing immigration laws.

Their dirty politics are in fact an effort to attack and suppress free political speech in America. They want to scare and intimidate people by sending the message that they will eagerly lie about you, misrepresent facts, and resort to name calling, if you exercise your cherished rights as an American to speak out on public policy issues. They want to discourage others from speaking out.

By doing so, these illegal immigration and Sanctuary County supporters are lowering themselves and impuning their own character for what they say when they lie and distort because it conveys much more about themselves than the people they are attacking.

All the noise, screaming, yelling, and gnashing of teeth is also a very good sign for those of us that want to see Chatham's policies change and come into alignment with what is right and what a super majority of our legal American citizens want.

The low blows and political shrieks by the illegal immigration supporters are a good sign for three important reasons. Let's not stoop down to their level. We do not need to lie or smear the character of our opponents. The truth and the facts are on our side and we have no need for such tactics and most of us have more character than that!

One, as they raise their voices, lose their cool and resort to lies and insults, they betray the weakness of their positions. In any dispute or conflict, the side that loses their cool is most often the side that is losing the debate.

Two, from my past experiences, any established political status quo never caves in or falls from power without this kind of hubbub taking place. If things are quiet and calm, then the status quo political faction usually retains their seats in power. When we see this kind of outlandish political behavior, it is usually a sign that the political insiders are lashing out because they feel their power is in jeopardy.

Three, the incumbent politicians and illegal alien supporter activists and groups only attack those individuals and groups that they feel are a threat to their agenda. The fact that many of us are being attacked is a sign of our progress to be worn like a badge of honor.

I want the fine people of Chatham County to understand that the response of the illegal immigration supporters is pretty textbook, compared to past examples around the nation.

They are attacking me and ALIPAC because they know that our involvement in other places around the nation has helped lead to political victories in most cases. The reason we are involved in Chatham County is because what happens in Chatham can affect anyone in the nation and we cannot allow the illegal alien supporters to establish a precedent that could slow our pro-immigration enforcement agenda in North Carolina and the nation.

Even the recent claim by Commissioner George Lucier that some Commissioners have received "Threatening" e-mails or calls that border on "Hate Speech", which should soon be outlawed in their opinion is pretty standard. Out of the approximately 200 million Americans that are concerned about illegal immigration, I believe there have only been about one or two arrests and convictions of people that went over the top and crossed legal lines in their communications to lawmakers or groups that support illegal aliens.

Let me make this clear, on behalf of the thousands of Americans that work closely with ALIPAC, we stand on the side of law and order and we do our best to always take the high road. We are a peaceful political group and we encourage the full prosecution for anyone who breaks any laws, while communicating with lawmakers or opposition groups.

So we encourage Commissioner Lucier to take his "hate speech" and "threatening" e-mails to the local police right away to file charges, instead of claiming he has such evidence and using any communications that do not represent the majority of views on this issue as a political card to play.

That being said, such reports by illegal alien supporters are usually a bunch of hot air and hyperbole. They are upset that they have received large volumes of angry e-mails and calls that are a natural reaction from American citizens that are rightfully upset that these elected officials have betrayed the public trust, defied a super majority of their constituents, conducted county business without adequate public knowledge and citizen input, and put innocent American lives at greater risk!

I'd be squirming to, if my e-mail box and voicemail was overloaded with contacts from people that fervently disagree with my positions. So the Chatham County Commissioners have firmly stepped into political manure on many levels and now they are crying that outsiders have gotten involved and concerned citizens don't like what they have done.

Our advice to the people in Chatham County that want to see immigration laws enforced on the local level and for the Commissioners to do the right thing by having a public hearing with adequate public foreknowledge and citizen input is to not respond or react to the illegal immigration supporters.

Let them keep responding to us! We need to keep the focus on the facts and keep repeating those facts until justice is served.

The facts are that the Chatham County Commissioners betrayed public trust and engaged in closed door politics by voting to ask local police not to enforce Federal laws or work with Federal agencies without adequate public warning or citizen input.

The Chatham County Commissioners have in fact been working with radical illegal alien supporting groups to the exclusion of Chatham County citizens.

The Chatham County Commissioners have voted for a resolution that over 80% of American citizens and North Carolina citizens disapprove of.

The Chatham County Commissioners have supported a resolution that will cost Chatham County residents and Americans anywhere in the nation property, injury, and death.

The Chatham County Commissioners have established Chatham County as NC's first and only Sanctuary County and provided local and national illegal immigration support groups with a precedent and successful tactic they are already moving to deploy in other locations across the state and nation.

Chatham County should reverse their decision because local police working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement saves lives, reduces local crime levels, reduces tax expenditures, and reduces population pressures on jails and schools.

These are the things this political dispute is about and we must not allow the illegal alien supporters to distract from or derail the focus on the real issues at hand.

It is not a matter of, if me or my organization ALIPAC are worthy messengers. It is not a matter of, if CCV or Heather Johnson are involved. It is not a matter of "outsiders" Vs. the locals in Chatham County. It is neither "racist" or "anti-immigrant" to want our existing immigration laws enforced on the local level.

Our side holds the moral and legal high ground. The brave citizens and activists in Chatham and across the nation that speak out are champions of the people and American heroes fighting for the principles that have made America a place where people across the globe want to live in or emulate.

Everyone working on our side of this issue needs to decide, if you want to spend your time reacting to the dirty political tricks that are a threat to free speech, degrading to American political principles and institutions, or do you want to keep your eyes on the true objectives? We encourage you all to keep the high ground and don't let the fierce reaction you face intimidate or deter you. Don't let them divide us or throw our advance into chaos, finger pointing, and blame games.

We are making a lot of ground rapidly in Chatham County and illegal alien supporting national groups have been pulling strings behind the scenes long before ALIPAC ever arrived to assist you and provide you with as many seasoned activists and information for you to utilize in this struggle as possible. These same groups like the National Council of La Raza and the Green Party are now encouraging their supporters across America to contact your Commissioners to ask them to support the Sanctuary County resolution.

Unfortunately, it appears at this time the political conflicts in Chatham will get more intense as your Commissioners do not seem to have enough common sense to remove their hands from the third rail of politics they have latched on to.

Eventually, the outlandishness of the Commission's actions will become overtly apparent, when one of their sanctuary illegal aliens with prior visits to the local jails really harms someone in the community. The chances of this happening will increase, as illegal aliens flow into the area in greater numbers to take advantage of the political protection and violation of the American principle of the Rule of Law provided by Commissioners (List all names)

Not if, but when this happens, then local tempers will flare and we need those of you that are taking the proper civic actions to address this problem to remain cool and appeal for calm in the community. It is natural, rational, and expected that the family members and friends of the victims, as well as most of the larger community will blame the outlandish policies of the Commissioners for these preventable crimes and when that happens you will all have to do your best to ask people not to go over the top with their e-mails and calls.

It is important for us all to lead by example and to show our fellow Americans the proper way for them to express their views and take political action to either get the Commissioners to reverse their unwise and misinformed decisions, or to remove these incumbent politicians from office in the next elections.

No name callers or political mud slinging illegal immigration supporters should deter us. We cannot allow their willingness to degrade free speech rights, the integrity of the political processes, our unity on this issue, and their own reputations, to stop us from our shared cause to save lives.

We are Americans of every race, political party, faith and denomination working together to save our nation from these perils, we are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all and that means we have the liberty to speak our minds within reason and the right to pursue justice for all, including illegal aliens that break the laws of what is left of our Republic.

William Gheen is President of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

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