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Horizon Cellars needs local community help

By Guy Loeffler
Posted Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Siler City, NC - Greetings from Horizon Cellars winery & vineyard,

I need YOUR help. My wife and I are residents of Apex, North Carolina. We have planned and constructed Horizon Cellars winery and vineyard in Chatham County. Recently, we have has been thrown into a battle for its very existence.

It has recently come to our attention that an out-of-state company wishes to create an extremely large, heavy industrial, open-pit, 24 hour/7 day-a-week gravel mining operation RIGHT BEHIND our small farm winery.

This project is on a fast track, and they are trying to get the 1,000+ acres re-zoned from Agriculture-Residential (AR) to Heavy Industrial (HI). Word is starting to spread that THEY seem confident that they already have the necessary Siler City Town Commissioner’s votes needed to pass this re-zoning request.

Re-Zoning Hearing May 1st 2006 – Siler City Town Hall

It is my opinion based upon the current facts and the project plan submitted to Siler City that this project will severely hurt our quiet, serene, country setting destination venue. We are an Agriculture-Tourism (Ag-Tourism) small winery farm. We believe that ultimately this enormous quarry will put us out of business for good!

Our winery model was created and constructed as a “destination venue” for residents of North Carolina and Visitors to our great state. Between 80% and 90% of our wine is sold directly out of our Tasting Room to you, the end-consumer. Additionally, the success of our special events, such as barrel room dinners, local artist showings, private dinners and parties, outdoor weddings, music festivals, etc. would be hampered considerably. This is a large part of the destination offerings that we are currently providing to the community.

This project will affect the ambiance and perception of this winery. Many, many first-time customers (including tourists) will NOT come back to a venue that is dusty, extremely noisy and next to a 1,000 acre busy heavy industrial quarry that would be ravaging the land right next to our vineyards and winery. Based on the plans submitted to Siler City, the company that would own the quarry only has to keep a measly 50 foot buffer around the edge of the 1,000 acre tract – which means the rest of the acreage will probably be clear-cut and de-forested. We believe you would rather see Siler City grow with businesses such as ours rather than a heavy industrial quarry.

I Need YOUR Help – Please, help me SAVE HORIZON CELLARS!!

We need help. We need a small army of volunteers, organizers, and people to make phone calls. We need to alert the newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. We need to research how other communities have SHUT DOWN projects like this one (Nokesville, VA). We need YOU to contact the local Siler City Town Commissioners, the County Commissioners, our State Legislators, our Congressmen and Senators to express your opposition to the quarry.

This has to be a grassroots movement movement

The local politicians appear to be already on-board. In fact, one Siler City Commissioner is positioned to sell this company some land that he currently owns; I have heard that he is personally going around introducing this company to the decision-makers here in the Town and around Chatham County.

Contact Guy Loeffler at Horizon Cellars in Siler City, North Carolina (919) 742-1404.

You can e-mail us at

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