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You go and get your stolen dog back

By Caroline Youmans, Animal Rescue
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - I read the letter, "Best Buddies Rescue won't return our dog to us", in the Chatham Journal Weekly today over the internet with great interest.


Liza Terll explains that the anonymous board members of Best Buddies Companion Rescue & Adoption have stolen her dog and I concur with her. It is about time that some of these well meaning but high-handed and mostly, misguided animal rescue people were given a good kick in the pants for breaking the law and also taking advantage of pet owners. This letter made me furious and I would like to point Ms. Terll whose dog has been quite correctly, STOLEN, in the right direction.

Read the important link below where Ms. Pam Sullivan, one of the three anonymous board members explains in her own words just how irresponsible a pet owner/guardian she is, and also note the name of the accredited veterinarian whose advice she ignored who involved in this case with the stolen dog.

Best Buddies Companion Rescue & Adoption had best learn the facts and get their paperwork in order. Best Buddies (which by the way is NOT a formally recognized 501(3)(c) non-profit YET...they only have a very recent and quite temporary, "determination letter"...and all three board members Pam Sullivan, (Secretary), Kathryn (Katie) Wasileski, (Vice President) and Carrie Griffin (President) (by the way I do believe that non profits must by law, have at least this many board members if not more, to be legally a non profit organization receiving money from the public (contact your local attorney general) and the IRS (their Employer Number is 20-3293872 (see which you can join for free and check out all non profits), anyway...good old Pam here tells in her own words in the above link how she does not know what she is doing, and in fact took too many dogs home from the shelter (Chatham Animal Rescue & Education Inc.) and passed kennel cough all the way around by not obeying the instructions of one, Dr. Bonnie Terll, DVM).

Now where did I see Dr. Bonnie's name mentioned??? Oh yes, in the letter written by Liza Terll saying that this veterinarian had appealed on her behalf saying she was a good owner of her pet, dog Shelby. I think something STINKS here and it is not the dog poo poo. Also, Ms. Kathryn (aka Katie) Wasileski also seems to have a slight problem of her own (read the link below)

where she claims to have been living with her 4 owned dogs as well as an additional 17 fostered dogs (one wonders what the limit on number of dogs is in NC without having a kennel license). Sleeping with all of these dogs there is no wonder disease is spread and also wondering how many bites they are receiving mixing this many in a pack together...perhaps Katie who is a part-time psychologist for a school needs a little psychoanalysis of her own!

As for Ms. Carrie Griffin and her pals who all USED to be involved with Chatham Animal Rescue & EDUCATION, Inc. and were assisting with Katrina dog wonders just how many of those owned dogs never saw their way back home because of these three women!

You go Liza Teryll and get your stolen dog "Shelby" back. Any organization that can not print their names and positions in public has something to hide. Perhaps others should be aware of this and not give their dollars to such an organization.

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