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Farewell poem to Ramtex

By Sheila Parrish
Posted Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Ramseur, NC - It would be nice to see a story about the closing of the Ramtex weaving operation in Ramseur, North Carolin, from the employees perspective. And, not stuck back in the folds of the paper, but out front for all to see.

For years, Ramtex has taken and taken away from the hard working loyal employees and now in the very end, they continue to take while not giving all the vacation pay that is due based on their years worked. I'm sure Ramtex is not the first textile mill to go down the tubes, but they act as if these employees, most with 20+ years under their belt, are just numbers. These are real people with real families and real feelings. What does a 55+ year old person do when the only job they have ever had is taken away? Find another job? Yeah right! Go to school? Yeah, right again! Go bankrupt and loose everything they've worked so hard and been so loyal to Ramtex to gain? Probably.

See this poem, written by "Debbie" a Ramtex employee to be laid off in March.

Farewell to Ramtex

Farewell to thee, dear Ramtex

Now we must say good-bye

We've spent half of our lives here

Now time to leave is nigh.

We've been here in the good times,

We've been here in the bad.

For some, it is the only job

that we have ever had.

We came when we were sick or tired

We stayed even when we hurt

We knew we should be home in bed,

But, we just had to work!

Now, our future is uncertain,

We're not sure just what we'll do.

For most it seems a little late

to be starting out anew.

But one thing we know for certain

One thing we know is true.

We worked hard and we were loyal

So the loser here is YOU!

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Farewell poem to Ramtex