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Citizens can stop the Chatham County Commission's push for county wide zoning

By Chatham County GOP
Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Pittsboro, NC - The new county commissioners have revived the democratic push to zone the entire county. There is a long history in Chatham of the far left wing of the democratic party trying to do this over the years. Each time the effort is tried the citizens living in the Western portion of the county have successfully fought it off. We won’t get into the entire history as it would take too long but suffice it to say, there are large areas in the rural parts of the county that are not zoned because the people who live there don’t want to be zoned.


The current effort is to get the zoning in place this summer. In order to that they have to move extremely fast and without getting sufficient input from the residents who will be directly affected.

That isn’t an accident. My sources within the democratic party tell me they know it is extremely contentious and they need to get it done early enough to ensure it isn’t a major topic during next years re-election efforts of Karen Howard. They are hoping that with an accelerated timeframe the opposition will not have time to organize.

Attached are 4 short videos to the end of this email from the last planning board meeting to give you an idea of some of the arguments for and against. The farmers and life long residents represented in 3 of the videos need our help. Below is a flyer that was circulated by those who are opposed.

To get them to slow down or stop this push we need to show up in large numbers and be heard. The turnout at the last planning board meeting was good and is having an affect. Now we need to speak to the commissioners directly to give Walter Petty support as he tries to persuade the others.

Meeting Location: Historic Courthouse, Pittsboro Time: 6:00 PM The schedule is located here.

If you are against zoning; please attend and speak for 1-3 minutes and say so.

If you are not sure if you are against the zoning; please attend and urge the commissioners to take time and listen to the citizens living in the area. Urge them to reschedule the public meetings on the subject that they have cancelled and let them know that restricting private property rights shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you don’t want to speak, just being there is helpful.

The Nature of Zoning

  • The purpose of zoning, and its sole reason for existing, is to give the commissioners control over the use of all land within Chatham County.
  • While you remain responsible for your property, the commissioners will determine how it is used.
  • Under zoning, you may use your property only for the purpose dictated by the commissioners, and violators are subject to fines and/ or imprisonment.
  • Under zoning, you may use your property, not by right, but by permission.
  • Commissioners thus have complete reign over every aspect of land use. They may impose their interpretation of what is right and proper upon you, whether or not you share the values thus coercively imposed.
  • By imposing “community standards” upon individuals, zoning forces you to sacrifice your values to the group. Zoning is thus an assault on the freedom of every productive citizen.
  • Under zoning, all individuals are compelled to accept the “quality of life” dictated by the commissioners. If they are truly concerned about improving our quality of life, they should be protecting our freedom, i.e., our property rights.
  • Commissioners need to explain why the desires of the non-owners of property should take precedence over the desires of the property’s owner.
Please sign our online petition against county wide zoning at

AND contact your commissioners

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Citizens can stop the Chatham County Commission's push for county wide zoning