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Bicyclists follow rules of the road

By John McGinn
Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC -While I'm not a cyclists, I'm not sure what violations of the law cyclists keep transgressing? Samantha Reichle doesn't give one example of any transgressions, after all driving slowly on our county roads is perfectly legal, as is driving two abreast (although not the best of manners). And wearing that "nauseating array of neon hues", I'm sure is done for a very good reason, especially with drivers on the road who are as clueless about the rules as Ms. Reichle. This seems more like a slander piece against cyclists than anything of worth.


The NC Driver's Handbook clearly states the bicyclists are entitled to the full lane, "Bicyclists usually ride on the right side of the lane, but are entitled to the use of a full lane." It also clearly states that vehicles are only to pass when it is clear and there is no oncoming traffic. Riding to the far right is not meant to allow vehicles to squeeze by dangerously close, but instead as the handbook states " accommodating the following drivers by making it easier to see when it is safe to pass, and easier to execute the pass."

bicyclists are entitled to the full lane


When Ms. Reichle complains that bicyclists are getting "first dibs on prime road space," she is exactly right. That is exactly how the laws are written. Any vehicle has full rights to the lane they are occupying including bicycles. Ms. Reichle accuses cyclists of having a superiority complex and of breaking numerous traffic laws, but doesn't know the basic laws herself. I suggest she get some facts to back up her misguided opinions. I understand this is an opinion piece, but it should at least be backed up by a modicum of facts and not misrepresent the road rules we most all follow.
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Bicyclists follow rules of the road