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Some of us don't pretend

By Mark Stinson
Posted Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Siler City, NC - I read a recent Chatham Chatlist post that reminded me why I don't pretend. With that said, this is my opinion, so let's pretend things are different just to paint a rosy picture that goes both ways. Let's pretend voters didn't get so tired of tax increases and other B.S. that they didn't vote in the current board of commissioners. Let's pretend that the silent majority hadn't had enough of their tax dollars being wasted that they voted to remove those who didn't listen to what the majority wanted. Let's pretend one of the last commissioners didn't get thrown in jail. Let's pretend that no one will ever be held responsible for their actions or what they say.

We have two mind sets in Chatham County; one liberal and dangerous and one stubborn conservative.

It would create totally delusional state of mind that would turn Chatham County into another high taxed over crowded mess like Wake county with constant arguments over bussing and school assignments and every dang thing else. Chatham County is unique as we have a very hot political mess every election. We have two mind sets, one liberal and dangerous and one stubborn conservative. There is clear proof not all liberals are democrats and not all conservatives are republicans .

I am a Chatham County taxpayer. I live in the country. I did not want my tax dollars spent on a park as I live in nature's park ( the country.) We already have a community center so we really didn't need a park crammed next to our high school. We already had ball fields open to the public. We have miles of walking trails on old railroad beds through the woods and old country roads. Parks would be fine inside a city limits of Pittsboro or Siler City. The majority of people we have seen at the park near Chatham Central are often from other places outside our community. The last time we visited the park there was a soft ball team from Sanford practicing. I asked one of the coaches why they were here and the reply was they didn't have space available there so they found the nearest public ball field. I don't go to Sanford to go swimming, play ball, walk or swing with the kids. I do it here in my yard.

I love and support the arts and I can honestly say I don't want my tax money dumped into more hippy hill art joints trying to make a buck while converting our towns into, well Hippy Hill . The thing is I hear so many talk about investing in the arts but the fact is if the arts are pulling in so much in tourism dollars why do they need help? Artist who put out high quality art work build a fan base and a name for themselves and this is the kind of arts that pulls in revenue not cost it. I am not the only one who feels this way.

You can't build a utopia spending other people's money

There are many who are fed up with having everything changed in the name of progress . Things naturally progress and the whole point of being conservative is to allow change but at a controlled rate so everyone can benefit from it but not be buried by the expense of it. I don't care if you don't like my opinion because its my tax money being spent and I don't want it wasted. You can't build a utopia spending other people's money as you can't please everyone period . Its best to do what is necessary and keep the budget and government lean. Let people with special interest find like minded people so they can blow their own money on their own projects not my money .

I see clearly there are those who whine, complain and pitch an all out fit like a spoiled brat when things don't go their way. These are the same people who play the pretend and blame game. What if the other party won, what would be done differently , whose fault is it?

I don't care whose fault it was. I don't care what would have happened if someone else won. The only thing I care about is who I voted for and the fact they are doing what they promised they would do to the best of their ability . I understand no one is perfect and that you can't please everyon . There will be times the ones I voted for may not do exactly what I want them to but I'm not going to cry like a baby over it. If they do their job for the most part to suit what was important to me when I voted I will vote for them again or I will vote to kick them out. Its that simple.

don't expect me to change my mind just because some liberal pitches a fit like a five year old spoiled brat.

The fact that the current commissioners were voted in even by a minimal margin reflects the change in mindset of the voters of this county. Many of us are sick and tired of change and the socialist mindset of "tax more, spend more," spread the wealth to make this a utopian paradise. I don't want my wealth or lack of it spread building someone else's opinion of utopia .

I want a good sheriff's department, we got that. I want my taxes not to go up. We got that.

I want good schools and Chatham County definitely has that.

I'm done, that's it. Don't blow my tax money one any more parks or artsy fartsy stuff. Don't blow my tax money on special programs that don't benefit everyone countywide and don't expect me to change my mind just because some liberal pitches a fit like a five year old spoiled brat.

Lastly I don't pretend and I'm not going to. This is America and we have a right to free speech which means we can offend anyone or be offended by anyone but most importantly we can speak our minds and stand our ground on what we believe. I'm not sorry for my opinion and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way either.

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Some of us don't pretend