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Red people? Blue people? What's the difference?

By Mark Stinson
Posted Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Siler City, NC - In my near 50 years one thing that has always been crystal clear is that red people are Republican, blue people are Democrats. The red or mostly red with white and blue elephant represents the GOP. The blue or mostly blue with red and white donkey, ass, mule, whatever you prefer to call it represented Democrats.

These are two set in stone facts so when election times came candidates from either party would use either the symbol or color of their respective parties so voters would see their campaign signs and know what party to associate them with. Many voters who aren't that informed and use these symbols and colors to guide them to a specific party in casting votes by association with a name. Politicians know this and that is another reason why they still use these colors and symbols to this day.

I got into a conversation today with someone confused about a certain Chatham candidate's political party affiliation as that candidate was using campaign signs of the opposite party's color. Just to cover my behind and make sure they were not misleading me I made it a point to see some of these signs and sure enough they were the wrong color for the party the person represented.

I came home and did a little research into this thinking something was just weird about it and found out several interesting tid bit. There have been tight elections thought to be thrown one way or another by this unique tactic. A candidate would use the color of the opposite party as the dominant color on their campaign signs to grab uneducated voters in certain areas from the opposite party by a simple mind trick of association.

Voters would associate the color of their party with a name and vote the name without carefully reading the ballot. Apparently people vote quickly and if they don't know much about a particular office or candidate they vote by party but if a name sticks out in their mind associated with their party's color they vote by name even if its the opposite party. You will associate the color of your party with the name even though the name is under the opposite party's line. You will vote by color not realizing what you did. It is a mind trick magicians have used for centuries that really works so with that said please take time to vote by knowing what party each candidate is affiliated with.

Don't guess to vote and take time to clearly read your ballot when you vote. I agree it sounds crazy but politics in Chatham County are far from sane at time .

There is one other color of people; red, white and blue , we are the independent thinkers and voters not affiliated with either party. We often vote across both party lines to get candidates voted in who represent our goals, our nation and respect the constitution and the republic it protects.

Not all conservatives are red, not all liberals are blue and when this happens things either get blended into a confusing mess or a perfect patriotic platform.

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Red people? Blue people? What's the difference?