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Civitas releases poll results for the NC House District 54 race

Posted Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Chapel Hill, NC: A recent poll of 350 voters in NC House District 54 revealed some interesting trends. The seat has been a Democratic stronghold for thirty years by one individual, Rep. Joe Hackney. There was little concern regarding the seat in 2008 as Mr. Hackney enjoyed a 70% approval rating as well as a budget surplus. However, times have significantly changed. Mr. Hackney, along with Governor Beverly Perdue and Senator Marc Basnight, have rubberstamped the largest deficit in North Carolina history. This has caused Mr. Hackney’s approval rating to drop 19 points. The other difference this time is the emergence of a serious and legitimate contender for his seat in Republican candidate, Cathy Wright.

Wright has run on a strong platform making private sector jobs a priority, lowering taxes for our families and businesses, and putting a halt to the ballooning deficit by cutting wasteful spending. She says, “Our liberal leaders seem to have forgotten that that spending and taxing is really two sides of the same coin – our coin.”

Wright has climbed into the race the old fashioned way, through a tireless grassroots effort. These efforts have led to polling numbers that nobody, other than herself, could have expected. Among voters who said they were definitely voting this November she is down a mere six percentage points, 49% to 43%. Among unaffiliated voters she holds a commanding lead, 51% to 27%. “My message about jobs, taxes and spending is resonating with the voters. Across the board, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, they’re all frustrated. They’ve ‘had enough’ and don’t like how their hard-earned money is spent by the current leadership.”

Some may attribute this to the anti-incumbent wave sweeping across America, but for those who have spoken with Mrs. Wright, her compassion and confidence is evident. She notes, “My background and experiences position me as an ideal candidate – exactly what we need in these times. I will be unwavering, determined and tough in order to ensure the future opportunities for our children and grandchildren. I’ll be a welcome change from the usual politician.”

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Civitas releases poll results for the NC House District 54 race
Cathy Wright is challenging incumbent Joe Hackney in the NC House District 54 race.