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Latest O’Keefe video validates “Phantom Voter” menace

Posted Monday, November 3, 2014

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Raleigh, NC — Investigative journalist and agent provocateur, James O’Keefe, of Project Vertias, today, released video evidence of how one person can easily steal “a busload of votes” during the early voting period of an election as he successfully demonstrated how any criminal-minded voters could steal elections in states lacking effective voter ID laws.


“In most states and currently in North Carolina, anybody can vote without proof of identity,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of the Phantom Voter Project. “All they have to do is correctly recite the name and address of another registered voter.”

The Project Veritas video depicts O’Keefe being offered a ballot at numerous early voting sites throughout the state and the audio portion said he repeated the action 20 times.

“With nearly a quarter million people listed on our state’s voter rolls with addresses where they clearly do not reside, this opens the door to election theft at an enterprise level,” said DeLancy. “North Carolina’s voter ID law will help solve that aspect of this problem, but it will continue to invite fraud until the National Voter Registration Act is rewritten to allow states a more efficient list maintenance procedure.”

The Act (also called NVRA or “Motor Voter”) requires all states to retain voters on the roll for a minimum of eight years after they have been discovered to have abandoned their old address. Since most voters do not realize they’re still registered from an old address, their identities (and their vote) can be stolen without their knowledge.

“In years past, dead voters were the easiest prey for voter ID theft,” said DeLancy, “but project Vertias has proven that voters listed as ‘inactive’ are even easier, because, unlike deceased voters, there’s no way to crosscheck inactive voters against the Social Security Death Index.”

The Voter Integrity Project highlighted the growing menace of the inactive, missing or “phantom” voters last summer and followed up their announcement with the launching of a new web tool designed to help people see if any missing or phantom voters were registered in their own neighborhood.

“To date, the methodology of the site has empowered citizens to remove around 300 people who abandoned their address long ago,” DeLancy said. “In some cases, the homeowner lived there longer than the alleged voter without their ever meeting.”

The group demonstrated the site to numerous activists across the state and even found “phantoms” at the residence of a State Senate candidate, Molotov Mitchell, who was impressed enough with the discovery to produce a video of their springing the news on Mitchell’s wife.

“The Mitchell’s had lived in their condo for about three years,” said DeLancy, “but another voter had been living there before them and has long since moved away.”

It is a felony in North Carolina law (§ 163-275 (a)) “For any person fraudulently to cause his name to be placed upon the registration books of more than one election precinct,” but VIP believes almost all of the missing voters are still on the rolls by accident.

“The problem starts with people assuming election officials will remove their old registration when the voter registers from a new address,” said DeLancy, “but NVRA threatens severe punishment for any employees who remove the wrong voter by mistake and this leads us to believe the law was clearly intended to create a morbidly obese voter roll embedded with millions of dormant registrations.”

World Net Daily covered Mitchell’s story and video, which can be viewed by clicking here.

The Project Veritas video was released this morning and can be viewed by clicking here.

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