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Biodiesel damnfoolery

By Mark Stinson
Posted Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Siler City, NC - I watched the news last night and the greed and stupidity of some people never fails to amaze me especially on a city level. I am referring to the idiots in High Point that effectively shut down a biodiesel refinery and distribution business the ran safely and profitably since 2004 supplying good economical and environmentally safe fuel till last week. I feel someone responsible for the mess needs a size 14 boot stuck up their, umm, neither regions.

My first argument is the fact they stated this business didn’t have proper permits. My response is, "why didn’t they approach the owners on start up and require them to bring the business up to code?" My second thought is, "who is the butt hole in High Point that isn’t making money on this or got paid off that slammed the doors on this business?"

Let me look at this from a broader perspective. If a business of any kind operates within any city limits it is the city’s responsibility to contact the proprietor in a timely fashion to require him to gain proper permits or request he shut down if the owner doesn’t contact them first. If one opens a business within city limits and expands the business and asks "are there any additional permits?" and the city replies "no" , then it’s the city’s responsibility to correct the problem and give ample time for the owner to correct the issue.

It doesn’t matter what business you open most cities will jump you right off the bat if you operate within their limits without proper permits. Its been three plus years this person operated a highly successful business in a very visible market so what’s the city’s hold up and why just demand it shut down now? Why didn’t they give them time to buy the permits and bring the business up to operational code like they do for everyone else? My guess is someone in High Point in a position to cause such stupidity was either paid off or leveraged by a fuel distributor that felt their pockets weren’t getting lined from the profits on biodiesel so let's shut it down.

I am somewhat familiar with the people at our local biodiesel business . They are an important part of our community and our county. They provide a cleaner more economical fuel and do a great service to our community. One thing I take great pride in about Chatham County is the diversity of people and the way we let everyone be who they are and encourage them to do their thing. It’s a shame a town will not try to work something out with a viable part of the business community. I hope we as a county and a community will never get to a point we don’t work with people for the good of all.

I understand the point behind permits and licenses but there has to be some leniency to help everyone get on the same playing field. I hope someone out there with property outside of High Point City limits will help relocate that Bio diesel plant so their customers will continue to benefit from the fuel they supply.

I guess Im opinionated and I have always had opinions about towns and cities screwing up stuff. Its my opinion that someone in High Point screwed up a good thing for lots of people. Its time someone straightened this mess out. The bigger picture is our biodiesel supply here in Chatham County can supplement schools, towns and county government to reduce transportation costs. I believe it has in the past and still does. If we utilize this it will benefit us all because even the ones that don’t burn biodiesel will benefit from efficiently spent tax dollars that SAVE MONEY for everyone.

This is Chathamcentric in nature. It's meant to make us aware of what we have here before we loose it.

I don’t drink but I see the value in Horizon Cellars. I see the value in businesses that preserve the quality of life in a community. It was a great thing to see the ISP plans go up in smoke. We need to support all grass roots enterprises that are environmentally safe and friendly. I feel many places like High Point aren’t concerned with anything but the bottom line - collecting tax dollars and monies any and every way they can so they can blow it.

Again, all of this is my opinion and I really want to learn more about this situation. I have always supported Lyle and his biofuel efforts and I have no problem supporting this man in High Point. These men are making money and a positive difference.

Isn’t that what the American dream is all about anyway ?

Goodnite Mark

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