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Chatham County Republicans elect new party leaders

Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Pittsboro, NC - A passionate and dedicated group of citizens gathered at the Horton Middle School on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 for the Chatham County Republican Party annual convention. Outgoing chair, Jim Duncan, began by thanking the delegates for all their support and hard work. Duncan recently announced that he has formed a testing the waters committee for a run in the Second Congressional District. “Despite the loss of two conservative commissioners in the November election, we will continue to fight for our county. We are obligated to those who preceded us and are responsible to our children, grandchildren and those not yet born. Our dream of opportunity for all and the pursuit of happiness remain steadfast,” said Duncan.

Convention participants adopted a Plan of Organization and a Platform; elected delegates and alternates to District and State conventions; and, elected county officers and executive committee members. Brian Bock will serve as Chair, Pam Stewart as Vice-Chair, Sue Edwards as Secretary, and Gayle Daniel as the party’s Treasurer. Other Executive Board members include, Rodney Alsup, Linda Arnold, Ginny Cole, Miriam de St. Aubin, Jim Duncan, Michele Eichelberg, Karl Ernst, Bill Johnson, Donna Kelly, John Marshall, Jeff Meredith, Michael Morris, John Palermo, Greg Preston, Alan Ross, Wes Seawall, Jay Stobbs, Andy Wilkie and Cathy Wright. Phil Canterbury, former board member and long-time conservative supporter who recently passed away, was also honored during the convention.

Kory Swanson, President and CEO of the John Locke Foundation, was the keynote speaker. He introduced the FIRST IN FREEDOM INDEX. The index measures North Carolina’s embrace of freedom and ranks the state against other states in fiscal, educational, regulatory and health care policies. North Carolina ranks 23rd in overall freedom. “Maximizing freedom is an investment. Every North Carolinian deserves the opportunity to grow, to prosper, to succeed, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Scholarly research has established that places with smaller, less costly, less monopolistic governments tend to experience higher rates of economic growth and social progress,” stated Swanson. He said that the John Locke Foundation will continue to be vocal about rejecting ideas that inhibit freedom, will urge adoption of ideas that enhance it, and will guide lawmakers toward these sound principles.

Newly elected chair, Brian Bock, thanked the delegates for their confidence and support. He said that there is a lot of work ahead and we must be alert, committed and involved. “The new democrat commissioners have made it clear that they do not need to listen to citizens in the western and rural areas of Chatham. Although we no longer hold the majority, we will continue our fight to defend the property rights of all Chatham citizens and remind the commissioners that rural voices matter,” said Bock in his closing remarks.

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Chatham County Republicans elect new party leaders
Brian Bock will serve as the Chatham Republican Party Chairman.