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More questions arise after latest multi-state voting data

Posted Friday, May 2, 2014

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Raleigh, NC - The NC State Board of Elections, on Tuesday, released their state-by-state breakdown of double voters from the November 2012 election, in response to a Voter Integrity Project-NC public-record request and the findings raise serious concerns about organized criminal vote fraud, according to the group.

“We suspected around 75 percent of our cross-border voters would come from Virginia and South Carolina,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project of NC, “but stunningly high numbers from states like Georgia, Illinois and Michigan are a more serious matter.”

The NC State Board of Elections listed the number of November 2012 voters from each of 27 other states whose first name, last name and date of birth matched with that of a voter in North Carolina. The data suggests that up to 35,000 people voted in NC and at least one other state. The top five states (in order) were Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan and Tennessee. To see the full list, please click here.

“We’ve heard wild stories about union members from the Midwest who were given a free vacation in Florida if they would drive a certain route and vote in each state along the way,” DeLancy said, “but nothing prepared us for seeing thousands of double voters from places like Georgia, Michigan and Ohio.”

Election officials will need to categorize the voters into three groups before learning the true extent of vote fraud, according to VIP-NC. Some of the double votes will have coincidental name and birth dates; but the two other groups will either suggest identity theft or deliberate double voting by one person.

“The only voters who will ever be prosecuted are those who actually voted twice in their own name,” said DeLancy. “Others were victims of vote fraud by ID theft and there will be nobody to prosecute.”

The key evidence that proves either fraud or ID theft contains the signature of each voter at the time they cast their ballot, but the documents containing such signatures are allowed to be destroyed in just a few months.

“On April 8, 2014, North Carolina’s election officials issued a do-not-destroy order,” DeLancy said, “and now, we’re asking the 27 other states named in North Carolina’s investigation to issue similar orders, that would secure the critical evidence.”

VIP-NC has encouraged election integrity activists in other states to pressure their elected officials to join the Interstate Crosscheck program designed to help states identify voters with multiple registrations as well as people who may be practicing interstate double voting.

“There are 22 states that need to join the Crosscheck program and there is no excuse for the destruction of evidence by any states already participating.” DeLancy said. “This may turn into the biggest vote fraud scandal in US history, so election officials should carefully avoid impeding the investigation.”

To see state-by-state listing of suspected double voters, please click here: Ranked NC_SBE dbl vtrs by

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More questions arise after latest multi-state voting data