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Restaurant health ratings - T

Posted Wednesday, March 1, 2006

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402 N 2ND Ave, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Martha & Gerardo Hernandez
Overall Score: 93.5 + 0 = 93.5
Evaluation date: December 16, 2005
Notes: Bag of raw meat stored in veggie prep sink - when bringing cut meat from meat market, store directly in refrigerator. Thermometer needed for two door reach in unit. Handles needed on lids of heat bins on steam table. Restrooms had not been cleaned for the days use at time of inspection. Vent not operating in men’s restroom.
General comments: Over-all equipment and utensils clean. Good hot and cold food temps. Hot water, test strips and bleach water solution OK. All raw meat stored on lower shelves.

920 N 2ND Ave, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Alberto Aquilar Chavez
Overall Score: 88.5 + 0 = 88.5
Evaluation date: November 29, 2005
Notes: Raw beef left out uncovered at room temperature (working supply?); 4 frozen beef shoulders being permitted to thaw in vegetable prep sink; raw, bloody beef stored in zip lock bag adjacent to FTE product (limes). Ther-mometer not accurate in small reach-in unit. No hair restraint. Slicer needs to be cleaned more thoroughly after each use. Some stock stored on floor in kitchen. All personal foods/supplies must be stored separately from supplies used for restaurant i.e. infant formula.
General comments: Vegetable sink must be maintained for vegetables. Only meat may not be thawed at room temperature ‘Intent to Sus-pend” permit issued for meat violation (2609(c.)

289 Elmer Moore Rd, Bear Creek, NC
Owner: Reggie Long
Overall Score: 98.5 + 0 = 98.5
Evaluation date: December 16, 2005
Notes: Single service clam shell trays should be kept under cover once opened or inverted. Storage room floors need more detail cleaning and investigate how door can be closed tighter during times of operation to prevent pest from entering,
General comments: All food temps good. Time vs.Temp method in use appropriately. All equipment and utensils clean. Good dishwash-ing operation. Kitchen floors have been detailed.

11520 US 15-501 N, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Terero’s Inc
Overall Score: 96.5 + 0 = 96.5
Evaluation date: November 29, 2005
Notes: Obtain lids for chips and shells in veggie prep room. Keep scoop in rice bin. Air day all dishware. One stack of bowls found with food debris. Floor tiles are cracking in kitchen due to beer kegs being dropped on them. Replace broken files.
General comments: Good hot food tempera-tures. Very organized. Men’s urinal needs more detailed cleaning.

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