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Restaurant health ratings - S

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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85 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Steven Oldham
Overall Score: 96.5 + 2 = 98.5
Evaluation date: December 30, 2005
Notes: Clean disk/glass racks need cleaning of exterior surfaces. Top surfaces of ice cream freezer on top floor needs cleaning. Floor space/kitchen dimension not adequate for all operations
General comments: New kitchen space under construction. Roof and exhaust hood air return to completed soon. Exhaust hood installed and some plumbing has been completed

630-4 East Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Carlos Llamas
Overall Score: 92 + 0 = 92
Evaluation date: January 20, 2006
Notes: Only use scoops for dispensing thy food products (arroz). Clean exterior surfaces of city food containers. Many pans were found stacker wet. Be sure to air thy prior to stacking. New can opener blade needed. Keep can opener clean. Clean utensils found stored on clean side drain board at dish machine. However, clean side of drain board of drain board was dirty. Keep clean side-clean. Cleaning brushes and rags stored with clean utensils. Store cleaning rags separately. Clean lid storage bins. Label 3 vat sink to ensure that employees are using 3 vats sink properly WASH<RINSE SANITIZE and AIR DRY. Clean can cart. Clean hood system and filters of grease. Cart used for meat storage during lunch needs wheels. Floors in kitchen have tiles cracked and/or missing. Re-place tiles, Wall moldings in kitchen need repair. Floors need cleaning in cooler and freezer, Floors need cleaning under 3 vat sink and dish machine area, Patch holes in walls from existing shelving. Remove carpel at wait station area. Many personal items stored in kitchen. Do not store any personal items in kitchen. Designate an employee area for belongings (medicine, hats, snacks, food, drinks, etc.).
General comments: Do not store chemicals on any shelving with utensils in kitchen. Furniture polish was found with clean utensils. Label all chemicals in kitchen. Clean air vent in ladies’ restroom of dust. Replace cutting boards used for lemons. All hot foods - Good (beans 166F, cheese 157F beef 175F, sauce 178F. All cold foods – Good (cheese 44F, beef 43F). Bath-rooms are in process of remodel - good. In-crease lighting at waitstation. Do not allow food deliveries during lunch - deductions will be taken if occur again.

1278 Old US 1, Moncure, NC 27559
Owner: Russell Marks
Overall Score: 97 + 0 = 97
Evaluation date: December 14, 2005
Notes: Potatoes stored in box with no lid under paper towels in handwash sink. Storage on floor in back building.
General comments: Hot water-135 degrees Sanitizer-OK Food temps-Great. Encourage you to create monitoring sheet to keep routine re-frigerator temps. Thermometers show refrigera-tors at correct temp. All food temps OK.

508 S Chatham Ave, Siler City, NC
Owner: Larry & Loretta Binkley
Overall Score: 96.5 + 0 = 96.5
Evaluation date: December 27, 2005
Notes: Two domestic (Not NSF approved) freezers being used; working at time of inspec-tion. Bottom of meat freezer needs to be cleaned of blood drippage. Bottom of reach in freezer is rusty and not easily cleanable. Hoods need cleaning over grill. Shield light in dry storage room.
General comments: Designate area for employee drinks. Organize outdoor storage. New door and paint job looks good. Good food tem-peratures.

58 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Cash Enterprises
Overall Score: 90 + 0 = 92
Evaluation date: December 9, 2005
Notes: Cutting board at salad prep area needs cleaning. Reach in cooler shelves and unit needs cleaning. Under and behind equipment need cleaning. Mouse droppings observed in broom closet. Floors under and behind equipment need cleaning. Next to vent register in kitchen needs repair. Floor in cooler needs cleaning. Back storage area needs organizing/cleaning. Cleaning linens stored on clean dish shelf.
General comments: All food temps good, sanitizer good, hot water good.

288 Bonlee School Road, Bear Creek, NC
Owner: Shannon & Kay Holt
Overall Score: 97 + 0 = 97
Evaluation date: December 22, 2005
Notes: Clean window sill area next to prep table near pick up window. Keep all sanitizers stored below prep surfaces (i.e. tables used for slicer),
General comments: Good food temps. Keep dumpster door closed tightly.

773 Hillsborough Street, Pittsboro, NC
Owner: Robert L Scurlock
Overall Score: 92 + 0 = 92
Evaluation date: October 2, 2005
Notes: Bags of groceries and bowl of pasta were stored on bottom shelf with raw hamburger meat. Do not store any RTE or veggies with raw meat products. Many food found in cooler were unlabeled and leftovers. Thermometer needed for monitoring hot and cold foods (OF-
220F). Obtain new stove or repair door on old stove. Door does not work properly. Back storage deck needs cleaning and organized. Obtain a hose connector.
General comments: Great Food Temps - chicken just prepared in cambro was 160F Beans 173F. Chix salad cooler 44F. All kitchen equipment very clean. Hot water 130F Sanitizer chlorine 100ppm.

8321 Hwy 751 S, Durham, NC 27713
Owner: Mary Beth Seagroves
Overall Score: 92 + 0 = 92
Evaluation date: January 18, 2006
Notes: Chicken sandwiches and hamburgers in hot holding display unit were registering 120F-125F. All hot foods must be 140F or above. Cornbread mix and brown sugar was stored on shelf open. Once opened, all dry food products must be in a sealed bag or container. No hair restraint. Hair was not even pulled back into ponytail. Domestic freezers. Racks in cooler need resurfacing - racks are rusting. Freezers in back need defrosting and cleaning. Miscellaneous storage on 3 vat sink area. Do not store with “store’ items with kitchen items.
General comments: Hot water OK; sanitizer OK. Floors Good Dumpster plug - Good.

970 Chapel Hill Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Lisa Berger
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: November 10, 2005
Notes: Eggs 53F; Red Hot dogs were 48.9F in small prep cooler. Cooler was not maintaining proper temperature. Cooler’s compressor had frozen up. Be sure to monitor cooler temperature daily. All phf (cold) must be 45F or less. Ambient air temp in cooler should be 41F or less. Clean cabinetry at beverage station of splash and debris. Floors under equipment and around beverage area need cleaning of debris and grime. Floors in back storage room (ice bin) need replacing. Tiles are cracked or missing. Clean up storage spaces. Storage should be off the floor and organized.
General comments: Hot water 130F sanitizer chlorine 100ppm. Label dirty linen bin.

113 W Raleigh Street, Siler City, NC
Owner: Martha Lindley
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: December 12, 2005
Notes: Sausage patties, pork chops in steam table were not at 140F (118F and 106F). No hair restraints. Domestic refrigerator freezer and stove used.
General comments: Re-organize commercial reach in to hold all phf (i.e. eggs, meat and daisy and milk products). Domestic refrigeration may be used for alt bulk produce (i.e. cabbage, lettuce, bucket of pickles, box of single packs of dressing). Do not rest any items on food contact surfaces (i.e. sandwich prep cutting board).

3621 Silk Hope Rd, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Margaret Pugh
Overall Score: 94 + 0 = 94
Evaluation date: November 14, 2005
Notes: Deflector plate inside ice machine needs regular cleaning. Install splash shield to L of food prep sink between sink and clean utensil storage; keep dishwashing apron stored away from clean utensils. Flies present in kitchen.
General comments: Any employee food stored in refrigerator must be labeled as such.

1403 E 11th Street Hwy 64, Siler City, NC
Owner: Jeff Shaw
Overall Score: 98.5 + 2 = 100.5
Evaluation date: November 2, 2005
Notes: Some reach in refrigeration units had black mold around gaskets. Clean in more de-tail. Floor in pizza prep room needs sweeping.
General comments: Light shield is being replaced in walk in cooler. Very clean!

11312 US 15-501 N #103, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: John Walters
Overall Score: 96 + 0 = 96
Evaluation date: November 10, 2005
Notes: Milk being stored in domestic cooler. PHF must be stored in NSF approved commercial cooler. Ice cream deep freezer needs clean-ing of food debris. Cheese was found on count-ers, milk splashed on mixer. Cleaning of equipment was not done the night before. Gaskets need replacing in cooler. Floors under equipment and around plumbing lines need cleaning of debris.
General comments: Hot water 130F / Sanitizer chlorine 100ppm. Great Food Temps – Chili (155F), Hot Dogs (163F, Slaw (41.2F). Be sure to clean aprons daily. A clean apron must be worn for each shift. Organize storage areas. Dining area looks great.

SONIC #5374
1509 E 11th Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Mitch Neal
Overall Score: 88.5 + 2 = 90.5
Evaluation date: November 16, 2005
Notes: Employee beverage found above grill on ledge. Spatula greasy with food debris. Utensils stored wet. Stainless table adjacent to “clean” drainboard needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Flies present. Wall trim needed on Z wall behind cook equipment. Air return in front of walk-in units very dusty; vents in restrooms dusty.
General comments: Food temps & food handling OK. Check for drain at dumpster pad - if none present, pad may not be power washed – alternative cleaning method should be used.

SUBWAY #33705
150 WalMart SuperCenter, Siler City, NC
Owner: Tommy Kirkman
Overall Score: 97.5 + 0 = 97.5
Evaluation date: January 18, 2006
Notes: Meat trays in cold holding prep stacked too high (temp. @ 51 degrees F)
General comments: Keep sanitizing solution available in front prep area at all times.

SUBWAY (Pittsboro)
630-1 East Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Firas Ghanayem
Overall Score: 95 + 0 = 95
Evaluation date: January 23, 2006
Notes: Grilled chicken strips 54F and Roast Beef 55F. All cold food products must be 45F or less. Grilled chicken is being overstocked in food bin. Stock below refrigeration rim only to maintain proper food temps. Do not store any-thing under exposed sewer lines (at hand sink). Clean lid caddy of debris at drive through area. Sandwich unit is over condensating under sauce containers, Repair unit and remove sauces from area.
General comments: Floors need repair in walk in cooler manager is repairing. Repair molding at ice bin area - duct tape is not an acceptable repair method. Dumpster area needs cleaning of debris. Splashguard needed at hand sink. Cold foods Turkey 42F Ham 42F. Hot Foods chicken, beef meatballs - 150F. Remodel plans to increase seating must be approved by Health Dept.

SUBWAY #11646
11450 US 15-501, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Owner: Javed Neakta
Overall Score: 93.5 + 0 = 93.5
Evaluation date: November 10, 2005
Notes: Meatballs were found on service line at 114F. All hot foods must be 140F or above prior to service. Meatballs were healed in microwave - employee stated the meatballs were ready but when temperature was checked, meatballs were only 115F. When reheating food in a microwave, all hot foods must be 165F or above. Temp logs were not being maintained. No food tamps were logged since 11/2/05. If violation occurs again, intent to suspend permit will be issued. Walk-in freezer and cooler are not functioning properly. Freezer is over-icing and cooler is over-condensating. Condensate is dripping into unit. Repair/replace floor in walk in cooler. Floor is rusting.
General comments: Hot water is 130F/ sani-tizer Quat 400ppm.

SUBWAY #20779
50040 Governor’s Drive, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Shakeel Ansari
Overall Score: 97 + 0 = 97
Evaluation date: December 19, 2005
Notes: No thermometer in reach in refrigerator. Floors along wall need cleaning. Boxes stored on floor under single service shelving. Personal coats hung on shelving containing single items and above wire mesh bag storing onions.
General comments: Hot water, good sanitizer, good food temps.

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