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Restaurant health ratings - M

Posted Thursday, February 23, 2006

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2000 Fearrington Village, Pittsboro, NC
Owner: Fearrington, Inc
Overall Score: 88.5 + 2 = 90.5
Evaluation date: December 9, 2005
Notes: Food in prep unit registered at 130 de-grees. Must be at 140 degrees. Chili <140 de-grees, Shrimp on cold service kitchen 55 de-grees. Scoop handle stored in contact (buried) in sugar. Cutting board on sandwich prep unit needs cleaning/resurfacing. Several shelves in need of resurfacing cleaning. Door in cooler needs repair. Wall behind french fry heater needs repair. Stairs at entrance to dry storage area needs repair (clean being stored below deteriorating wall). “True Mist” air freshener stored above food prep area states not to use over “food handling areas”. Used linens on counters throughout kitchen.
General comments: Hot water OK Sanitizer OK

260 Charlie Cooper Rd., Siler City, NC
Owner: Mattie Clark
Overall Score: 98 + 0 = 98
Evaluation date: December 16, 2005
Notes: No hair restraints. Domestic oven and freezers.
General comments: Good food storage and handling techniques.

5875 Old US 1, New Hill, NC 27562
Owner: December 20, 2005
Overall Score: 95 + 0 = 95
Evaluation date: December 20, 2005
Notes: Hot dogs in back of warmer unit were not maintaining degrees.
General comments: Resurface backsplash of hand wash sink.

107 Siler Crossing, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Savanna Assavanil Wong
Overall Score: 97 + 0 = 97
Evaluation date: December 28, 2005
Notes: Gasket on ice machine needs replac-ing/repair. Domestic freezers used. Hood and filters need cleaning.
General comments: Keep shell eggs on low shelf. All food temps good and utensils and equipment clean. Wipe deflector plate inside ice machine more often.

1703 E 11th Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: McDonalds Corp
Overall Score: 92 + 2 = 94
Evaluation date: January 25, 2005
Notes: Keep opened packages covered once bulk cheese packs are opened to use on prep line. Deflector plate inside ice machine needs regular cleaning. Floor tile breaking in stock area of store; flooring under cook line in disre-pair due to broken tiles; floors under fryers need sore attention to cleaning. Bulb shield off on fixture near ice machine. Much storage on floor of storage building outside
General comments: Plug needed in dumpster. Pans need better air drying.

9-A Cole Park Plaza, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Cynthia Shaffer
Overall Score: 90 + 0 = 90
Evaluation date: December 20, 2005
Notes: Difficult to determine which plates were clean. Sugar bin dirty, could not find label. Utensils placed on clean shelf ditty. Containers with food dirty throughout. Plates need to be inverted during storage and as being used. All utensils (pots) must be air dried before stacking. Storage shelves throughout establishment need cleaning some need resurfacing. Reach in cooler needs cleaning, shelves in bar area need wiping down. Floor tile around coke machine needs repair. Ceiling tile in storage room needs repair. Separators for ceiling file need cleaning. Floors under and behind equipment need clean-ing.
General comments: Hot water OK Sanitizer OK Food temps OK

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