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Restaurant health ratings - L

Posted Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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10525 US 64 E, Apex, NC 27502
Owner: Liberty Inter PRI Inc
Overall Score: 96.5 + 0 = 96.5
Evaluation date: January 18, 2006
Notes: Clean pizza freezer of crumbs. Clean pizza oven of baked on debris regularly. Clean beverage station equipment, cappuccino machine and lid storage caddy. Dumpster door and lid was open. Keep closed to avoid pest harbor-ages. All floors need detail cleaning behind and under equipment. Do not store “store buckets” with ice bucket. Keep ice bucket separate and in a clean area. Do not store brooms, mops and other dirty buckets with or near food kitchen items. Do not store personal items with kitchen items (i.e. shelf al front of kitchen).
General comments: Hot water 130F Great food temps. Hot chix – 140F, Pizza -155F. Cold – slaw 41F, deli meat 45F.

214 Martin Luther King Blvd, Siler City, NC
Owner: Abel Espinoza
Overall Score: 88.5 + 0 = 88.5
Evaluation date: December 28, 2005
Notes: Heat potentially hazardous food to 165F before placing on steam table and then maintain at 140F. Food thermometer and refrigerator thermometers needed. Food contact surface of pot dirty and not hung to air dry. All single service packages in stock room need to be above floor and organized. Clean both restrooms thor-oughly. Some trash (wood and metal) on ground at back of building. Some floor tile needs re-grouting and tiles are wet front drip at hand sink. Filters in hoed greasy. Stock on floor in bakery.
General comments: Restrooms have been renovated.

317 East Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Lowes Food Stores
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: January 20, 2006
Notes: Employee was eating in kitchen while prepping salads. Do not eat in deli. Grill equipment: sides of equipment and legs of equipment need extra detailed cleaning of grease. Remove unused fryer. Floors under grill equipment need repair at grill area and at cold display area.
General comments: Hot water OK. 130K Sanitizer Quat. Be sure to make sanitizer solution daily. Make sure all food samples are either attended by employee or individually wrapped. Kitchen has made improvements - Great Job. Have cold case (self service) checked for proper temperature.

219 Chatham Square, Siler City, NC
Owner: Lowes Food Stores
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: November 29, 2005
Notes: Pork chops and gizzards on steam table @ 118 and 116 degrees F. Slime mold build-up on gasket of walk-in refrigerator. Floors and fixtures need more detailed cleaning; hand wash sign needed in men’s restroom. Plug needed in dumpster and one door opened. Soiled decorative fabric used under food containers in deli display case.
General comments: Over-all facility is much cleaner. Utensils and equipment clean. Hot water and sanitizer OK.

11312 US 15-501 N, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Lowes Food Stores
Overall Score: 91 + 2 = 93
Evaluation date: December 29, 2005
Notes: Hot line foods were not registering 140F or above. Green beans - 135F.Baked chicken – 138F, Fried chicken - 130.2F. All hot pbf must be held at l40F or above prior to service. Have hot line equipment serviced for proper opera-tion. Repeat violation. Dish machine was not properly sanitizing dishware. Booster heater not reaching 180F on final rinse. Dish machine was repaired since last inspection; however, problem has not been corrected- repeat violation. In sushi area, utensils were stored in cardboard containers dirty. Other non-food and non-food contact items were stored with clean utensils. Store utensils in/on clean, dry surface/container. Repair drawers at salad prep station - tape is holding drawers closed-repair. Plexi-glass needed for dry storage rack front of meat slices. Wheels needed for rack for ease of cleaning. Detail clean fiat grill and convection oven. Du-nage rack needed for sushi area for ease of cleaning floors. Some racks are resting need replacing in walk-in cooler. Floors behind pill line, floor at sushi area, floors in dry storage room all need cleaning. Floor baseboard at freezer need repair. Walls by compactor area need clearing of splash and debris. Walls in bathrooms: observed tiles cracking. Oven mitts need cleaning regularly.
General comments: Hot water 141F. Sanitizer for surfaces quit 400ppm. Cold food temperatures Good. Be sure to store raw eggs products on bottom shelving. Coffee filters and stirrers must be in a closed, protected container/bag. Be sure to label all RTE meats. Violation deduc-tions of points will occur if meats are not la-beled. Do not store food product cans under prep table - debris on cans. Check sushi, cheese and RTE meat display cases for ambient air temperature of 4lF. Hand sinks in bathrooms are stained. In ladies’ bathroom, window cleaner was in sanitizer bottle - properly label all chemicals. Repair edging of cafe shelving-particle board is showing. Do not store milk out of original container (Molly’s area).

2734 Old 421 N, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Wayne & Mary Lucas
Overall Score: 97.5 + 0 = 97.5
Evaluation date: December 21, 2005
Notes: Insert silverware using handle of utensil into package. Ashtray on hand sink - tobacco use is not permitted in kitchen.
General comments: Overall very clean. Good food temps./storage. Clean utensils and equipment.

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