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Restaurant health ratings - F

Posted Friday, February 17, 2006

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2000 Fearrington Village Center, Pittsboro
Owner: Fitch Creations
Overall Score: 96 + 2 -= 98
Evaluation date: December 6, 2006
Notes: Mousse truffle found in cold holding unit with mold. Manager disposed of this item. Bot-tom storage sits of cold holding unit bad water stains, possibly mold under pipes on back wall of unit. Clean in more detail. Some cabinets needed dusting. The storage room needs reorganizing. All storage must be off the floor. All food contact items must be wrapped in plastic.
General comments: Remove barrel of stagnant water at dumpster area. No longer selling raw meats. Remember to replenish sanitizer spray bottle when empty. Establishment is under new management.

2000 Fearrington Village Center, Pittsboro
Owner: RB Fitch Creations
Overall Score: 93.5 + 2 = 95.5
Evaluation date: December 22, 2005
Notes: Lid missing on bulk thy food bin - pro-vide scoops for dry products as needed. Sanitizer at prep station too weak. Plate ware stored on low shelf in kitchen subject to contamination from floor cleaning activity. All mop water must be disposed of in a properly draining can wash - do not use floor sink in kitchen and have can wash outside cleaned of leaf debris and standing water. Some storage on floor in small and large dry storage rooms.
General comments: Have dishwasher final rinse temp verified by vendor. Submit plan for dry storage room expansion.

423 Chatham Commons, Pittsboro, NC
Owner: Food Lion
Overall Score: 92 + 2 = 94
Evaluation date: November 3, 2005
Notes: More attention needed to cleaning equipment; exterior surface of fryer pot. Rest-room fixtures dirty. Several flies present in deli area. Floors dirty behind cake display table; under coffee customer service cabinet and hot holding display. Items on floor in small stock/can wash room (brooms, boxes etc.). Container used to store clean linen dirty.
General comments: Good food temps. Clean vents in restrooms more frequently. Have grease trap door adjusted flush to the floor to eliminate odor.

50000 Governor’s Drive, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Food Lion
Overall Score: 90.5 + 2 = 92.5
Evaluation date: December 9, 2005
Notes: Need to mark discard cart that the food is to be thrown in. Sprinkles stored with bag open. Corn meal, sugar, stored in dirty con-tainer. Soap dispenser not working at one hand wash sink. Cutting board on storage shelf not approved for cutting. Freezer shelves/pans need cleaning. Racks need cleaning. Proofers need cleaning, Shelf behind meat counter needs cleaning. Floor in freezer needs cleaning debris stuck to floor. Vents in storage area in bathroom need cleaning.
General comments: Hot water 134 degrees Chicken tenders 160 degrees.

1605 E 11th Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Food Lion
Overall Score: 99 + 2 = 101
Evaluation date: December 10, 2005
Notes: Lids open on dumpster.
General comments: Kitchen is very clean and well organized. A few ants observed on floor at bread oven-steps have been taken to eliminate. Walls in men’s restrooms need wiping down more often. Increase water fountain arch located near restrooms.

50000 Governors Club Drive, Chapel Hill
Owner: Food Lion
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: December 19, 2005
Notes: Condensation from meat display case still dripping on packages. Shelf under meal display case needs cleaning. Shelves in cooler need cleaning.
General comments: Provide thermometer for inside of meat display case if unit is not the same at the exterior meat display case. Sani-tizer OK. Food Temps <45 degrees.

1513 E 11th St. Hwy 64E, Siler City, NC
Owner: Fuel Mate LLC
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: November 29, 2005
Notes: No food thermometer. Counter top under all self-service food equipment very dusty. Extra detailed cleaning needed on exterior bowl surfaces of urinals. Vent in men’s restroom needs cleaning of dust.
General comments: New manager = Jeff Dickens. Bleach solution too strong; 50 ppm = 1 tbsp. bleach/gal water.

1211 N 2nd Ave, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Fredy Herrera
Overall Score: 96.5 + 0 = 96.5
Evaluation date: December 28, 2005
Notes: Single service articles exposed in warehouse. Waste pipe blocked under 3 vat sink (on-site correction). Keep all toxic chemicals stored together away from food and utensils.
General comments: Keep all spray bottles labeled.

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