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Restaurant health ratings - C

Posted Monday, February 13, 2006

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11550 US 15-501, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Owner: John Dimos
Overall Score: 93.5 + 0 = 93.5
Evaluation date: December 29, 2005
Notes: All foods when in storage must be cov-ered. Several foods were not covered in walk in cooler and reach in freezer. All foods must be labeled once out of original packaging. Several dry food items were not labeled. Oregano needs to be in a food grade container. Scoop needed for shrimp product dispensing. Clean Andes bins used for utensil storage. Some large pots have pining surface - replace as needed. Detail clean vents over char-broiler, Detail clean mi-crowave and convection ovens. Oven mitts need cleaning and/or replacing regularly. Hats were found stored with kitchen items - store elsewhere.
General comments: Order light for over potato ovens, Quat test strips needed for Quat product. Label all cleaning buckets as to contents. Re-grout sinks - grout has mildew and staining. Freezer (if used) needs Light bulb. New easy to clean bins needed for linens-not cardboard, Tint for personal use-store in storage room-not with kitchen items. Check alt light shields-clean as needed. Clean storage room - organize. Hot water 141F. Sanitizer Good. Cold food temp. Good. Soup 155F Good.

100 Carolina Meadows Lane,
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Owner: Carolina Meadows Inc.
Overall Score: 97.5 + 0 = 97.5
Evaluation date: December 19, 2006
Notes: Hot water only registered 125 degrees. Hot water to maintain 130 degrees at all times.
General comments: Food temps good. Soup 140 degrees.

260 Stockyard Rd, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Terry Andrews
Overall Score: 96 + 0 = 96
Evaluation date: December 13, 2006
Notes: Domestic stove used. Toilet facilities in stockyard building used by customers should be cleaned at beginning or end of each day – men’s restroom very soiled. Painted floors peel-ing. Brooms etc. should be hung or stored above floor in back stockroom. Continue sepa-rating employee personal items and designating separate shelf for medicines, or food.
General comments: No hot water in stockyard restrooms - needs repair ASP.

12365 US 421 Hwy, Goldston, NC 27252
Owner: Jose Hernandez & Ciro Maya Maya
Overall Score: 97 + 0 = 97
Evaluation date: December 17, 2006
Notes: Lavatories in restrooms need detailed scrubbing. Bathrooms should be monitored during hours of operation for cleaning and main-tenance. Wall needs patching around wall to Left of prep sink. Bulbs needed in fixture in ladies restroom.
General comments: Over-all kitchen is clean and well organized. Good food temps. MFU (Primo Tacos) on premises from Lee Co. in-spected (good hot food temps, refrigeration, water under pressure and bleach water avail-able).

144 Celebrity Dairy Way, Siler City, NC
Owner: Britt Pfann
Overall Score: 98.5 + 2 = 100.5
Evaluation date: October 14, 2005
Notes: Shields over light fixtures need cleaning of insects. Air conditioner exterior - very dusty.
General comments: Onsite waste water sys-tem OK. Tank pumped out in ’02. Potentially hazardous products properly stored and han-dled

West 3rd Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Chatham Hospital Inc.
Overall Score: 98.5 + 2= 100.5
Evaluation date: December 16, 2005
Notes: Racks in vegetable walk in rusting not smooth and easily cleanable; galvanized racks in walk in unit need detailed cleaning. Floors in walk in units not smooth due to peeling painted surfaces more attention needed in cor-ners of units.
General comments: Over-all very well organ-ized and clean facility. Good food temps, food handling techniques and dishwasher operation.

50120 Governor’s Drive, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Li Chong
Opening soon

6308 East Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Lam Lun Kin & Lin Lan Quan
Overall Score: 93.5 + 0 = 93.5
Evaluation date: January 26, 2006
Notes: Fried chicken bits were being stored on table beside flyer at room temperature (72F). Once chicken is fried only allow to cool for short amount of time (30 minutes or less) then store in refrigerator. Do not leave on counter at room temperature. Raw chicken being prepared in 3 vat sink. Use food prep sink for prepping chicken. Be sure all food products stored in refrigerator and freezer are properly covered. All wooden shelving used for storage needs resur-facing. Paint shelving with a commercial paint for ease of cleaning. Floors in walk in cooler are beginning to crack at door. Replace floor with a stainless steel sheeting.
General comments: Hot water l60F, Sanitizer Bleach Good, Dumpster needs replacing, Cold foods: shrimp 39F, Chicken 43F, Beef 38F. Hot foods: White Rice 170F, Pork Rice 150F.

1329 N 2nd Ave., Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Janice Ward
Overall Score: 92 + 0 = 92
Evaluation date: December 15, 2006
Notes: Lid for sandwich prep is being removed during the day and items on top of unit are not holding temperature of45F or below.
Slaw holding at 50F. Cutting boards are heavily grooved and in need of sanding down or replac-ing. Domestic freezer and hot plate being used. Grill area needs more detailed cleaning of grease. Fryers may need pressure washing. Legs of equipment have heavy buildup. Some cabinets are in disrepair and need cleaning especially around handles. Floors dirty and showing wear; owner plans to replace with tile. Walls need cleaning.
General comments: Men’s bathroom sink stained. Good sanitizer strength.

5650 US 15-501 N, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Owner: Russell Gray
Overall Score: 91.5 + 2 = 93.5
Evaluation date: November 29, 2005
Notes: Pizza prep cooler not holding tempera-ture of 45 F. Pork was at 64 F; pepperoni at 61F; raw chicken at 49 F; ground beef at 57 F. Ice machine needs cleaning of black and pink mold on splash plate. Mixer needs better de-tailed cleaning. Storage bins in pizza prep cooler need to be cleaned of debris and black mold. Side of pizza oven needs cleaning. Clean bottom of reach in refrigeration units. Several flies noted upon inspection due to open door. Some walls need cleaning or repainting. Floor needs cleaning especially under pizza oven.
General comments: Canned food should not be stacked on floor.

50160 Governor’s Drive, Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: Russell Gray
Overall Score: 88.5 + 2 = 90.5
Evaluation date: January 25, 2006
Notes: Salad stored uncovered under shelving in prep reach-in; re-organize walk-in for proper storage of produce, RTE products and raw meat. bi-metallic thermometer needed for both cold and hot food monitoring. Bulk flour should be transferred to closeable container after open-ing. Beverages for employees may not be stored on food prep surfaces. Re-organize dish location and provide splash shield to R of 3-vat sink. Dumpster door open; some trash and cardboard on pad needs removing. Floor etched at mixer; surfaces do not appear to be easily cleanable - consult flooring specialist. Additional shelving needed in small stockroom beside walk-in unit; provide racks for personnel coats etc. Brooms etc. need hanging; keep wiping cloths in bucket of sanitizer during daily use.
General comments: Provide non-slip mat for cutting board if needed keep all chemicals in properly marked bottles

9944 Siler City Glendon Rd. Bear Creek Owner: Raymond Brewer
Overall Score: 100 + 0 = 100
Evaluation date: November 14, 2005
General comments: Light is being replaced in reach in freezer near ice cream freezer. Very clean equipment. Good food temperatures.

5710 NC HWY. 751, Apex, NC 27502
Owner: Craig Farrell
Overall Score: 91.5 + 0 = 91.5
Evaluation date: January 18, 2006
Notes: Hot dogs and pizza were not registering at 140F. Make sure all hot foods are at I40F or above. Pizza was 130F and hot dogs were 114F -122F. Employee adjusted heating element to increase heat to both units. Lid caddy, cap-pucino machine, ice machine, etc. all need cleaning of dust and debris at beverage line. Dust top of pizza oven and hot holding display. Oven needs cleaning of baked on debris. Clean storage cabinets and replace handles (handles are missing). Prep table needs cleaning of food debris. Bathroom needs cleaning (toilet and sink). Mouse droppings found under storage cabinets. Obtain pest control operator for control measures. Walls at prep table need wiping of splash.
General comments: Hot water and sanitizer OK. Obtain antibacterial soap handsink - not hand sanitizer.

324 East 11th Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Stacy Plummer & Tim Cunnup
Overall Score: 97 + 0 = 97
Evaluation date: December 15, 2006
Notes: Some cutting boards are deeply grooved. Deep grooves can harbor bacteria. Sand boards or replace. Gaskets are split on reach in refrigerator and ice machine. Additional caulking needed at coping wall beside sink.
General comments: Leaking pipes have been repaired. Good food temperatures. Very clean equipment.

9931 Siler City Glendon Rd. Bear Creek
Owner: Rodger Jones
Overall Score: 95.5 + 2 = 97.5
Evaluation date: November 14, 2005
Notes: All employees must have hair restraints. Three domestic freezers being used; not NSF approved; working at time of inspection. Several flies noted upon inspection in kitchen area. Ventilation in walk-in and restrooms need to be cleaned of dust Pipes behind ventilation in walk-in had mold accumulation. Secure clean aprons so that they do not fall out onto floor.
General comments: Equipment very clean. Clean crumbs out of freeze bottoms.

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