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Restaurant health ratings - B

Posted Saturday, February 11, 2006

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115 West Raleigh, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Natasha Maness
Overall Score: 96.5 + 2 = 98.5
Evaluation date: November 11, 2005
Notes: No hair restraint, flies present in kitchen, miscellaneous items on floor (air compressor, boxes, boxed stock)
General comments: Good food storage and temps

220 E 11th Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: GTW Food & Gifts Inc
Overall Score: 95.5 + 0 = 95.5
Evaluation date: November 10, 2005
Notes: Pans found stacked wet in cooking area and in dishwashing room. Allow all items to air dry. Bins used to store clean utensils in kitchen had crumb debris; clean these regularly. Wooden cabinets in all areas need to be cleaned of crumbs and organized. Cabinet doors need to be wiped down regularly. Fryer had heavy grease accumulation. Hoods also need to be cleaned over oven area of dust and grease accumulation, Ovens need to be cleaned of crumbs. Dials on equipment and equipment in general needs to be cleaned in more detail. Tiles in dishwashing area and floor in prep room is being repaired; this project it projected to be complete upon next inspection. Sweep floor in walk in freezer. Obtain more lighting for meat grinder area; 50 foot candles are needed in this area. Light must be shielded.
General comments: Good food temperatures. Discard chipped plates. Health Dept. recom-mends discarding utensils and equipment that are not being used. Organize storage.

1718 Farrington Point,
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Owner: David & Kristie Robertson
Overall Score: 95 + 2 = 97
Evaluation date: November 29, 2005
Notes: Chicken wings registered at 120 de-grees. All hot food maintained at 140 degrees or above once cooked to the temperature. Gasket in sandwich prep unit is splitting from door. Food buildup. Shelf under microwave prep sur-face needed. Floors in need of cleaning under and behind equipment.
General comments: Hot water 150 degrees, sanitizer OK. Do not reuse BBQ containers to store food products that come in direct contact container.

1750 East 11th Street, Siler City, NC
Owner: Randolph Restaurant Group
Overall Score: 94 + 2 = 96
Evaluation date: January 26, 2006
Notes: Drink dispenser in customer self-serve sits is leaking near water/pink lemonade nozzle. Repair unit. Manager posted a sign not to use this leaking dispenser. Items were found stacked wet. Allow all items to air dry before slacking. Hand sink in front of kitchen area needs maintenance. It is difficult to turn on; faucet knobs do not work and foot dispenser is loose and must be kicked to be turned on. Freezer floor, shelves and vents had heavy ice accumulation. Freezer door gasket may not be sealing well.
General comments: Keep all chicken directly under heating units to maintain temperatures (temps were good today). Good sanitizer strength.

8909 Bennett Road, Bennett, NC 27208
Overall Score: 97.5 + 0 = 97.5
Evaluation date: December 15, 2005
Notes: No hair restraints. Three domestic freezer/refrigerators being used. Equipment was maintaining temperature at time of inspection. Floor in bathroom not easily cleanable. Floor in dining area showing wear (plywood exposed) and not easily cleanable.
General comments: Sanitizer Good. Food Temperatures good. Clean equipment.

1951 N Main Street, Goldston, NC 27252
Owner: Bhaskar Patel of Shriji Darshan, Inc
Overall Score: 98.5 + 0 = 98.5
Evaluation date: January 17, 2006
Notes: Clean utensil bin of debris. Store only utensils in utensil storage bin.
General comments: Hot water 13OF. Food temps cold food 41F. Hot foods Pizza 143F. Overall establishment is very clean.

919 N 2nd Ave, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Lee Copelan
Overall Score: 90 + 2 = 92
Evaluation date: November 11, 2005
Notes: At prep cooler, front station, cheese temp was 55F; Hamburger temp was 53F. Cold held PHF must be 45F or less. Food products were overstacked outside the line of refrigera-tion. Slaw at back prep station was 55F. Slaw container was not immersed in ice. Ice must be surrounding food product container in order to keep foods covered. Thermometer available was not accurate. Keep extras on hand and calibrate regularly. Many dry food products were found not sealed. Once a food produce is opened, food must be properly labeled and sealed in bags or containers. Coffee filters on counter were exposed. Fly swatter was stored on food prep surface. Do not store on food prep surface. Label any employee foods stored in cooler or freezer. Employee drinks were found store with food products Drinks did have cup, ltd and straw but be sure drinks are not stored with or next to food products. Drink nozzles were found with mold build up (corrected on site). Mixer, juicer, grinder- food contact equipment was found with food debris. Equipment is not being detailed cleaned and sanitized,
General comments: Butcher block tables need to be replaced. Repair ceiling at grill area. End caps needed at storage building food area. Cheek water spots on water glasses, check with chemical rep for a rinsing agent. Vendors if entering kitchen, must wash their hands upon entry. Many improvements have been made to facility. Great hand washing procedures ob-served by employees.

1712 East 11 Street, Siler City, NC 27344
Owner: Burger King
Overall Score: 94.5 + 2 = 96.5
Evaluation date: January 5, 2006
Notes: Open bag of lettuce in walk-in. Biscuit hot holding unit needs regular cleaning if used daily. Surfaces under flyers need cleaning. More detail cleaning needed of ice machine door interior surface. Dumpster door and grease lid open; grease on dumpster pad.Floors under deep fryers very greasy.Bulb needed in ladies restroom fixture
General comments: Time vs. temp. control used - labeling method should be maintained as per approved from NCDENR

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