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Basketball team performed valiantly

"This was a game for the ages! Although we lost, our team performed valiantly! Led by Preston Ferguson, he exploded with a 35 point performance! Also, we had strong play by Justyn Cyriaque, Laurence Daw, Eric Tapp and Michael Galin."

- Woods Charter School basketball coach John Berry 1/24/11

Chatham County commissioner frequently seeks to fiddle with meeting minutes

In the preliminary minutes for the August 2010 Chatham/Cary Joint Issues committee meeting, Chatham County Commissioner Sally Kost is reported as saying that the county would work on design standards and an overlay district for the area after the land use plan is adopted. In the December review, Kost said, "I never said that. I didn't say it's after the land use is adopted because I think they need to be concurrent and it's probably a point we need to discuss."

But in Cary Town Clerk Sue Rowland's verbatim minutes of the August meeting, Kost said: "One of the things that we were going to propose is perhaps we direct staff to start working - once we have a land use plan - to work on design standards and then have an overlay for this area."

The comment stayed in the approved minutes. (6/2010)

Who do you think knows what they are talking about

"The argument that Northwood won't be filled up is crazy"

- Commissioner George Lucier's comment. BOE member Deb McManus said northeastern Chatham is not growing as fast as predicted. Northwood, she said, is supposed to get only 60 new students before the new high school opens. - 7/19/07

Then why did we pass the moratorium?

"The legal issues presented by moratoria are numerous and potentially subject a governing board to legal liability."
- County Attorney Kevin Whiteheart wrote in a two-page letter denying The News & Observer's public records request for minutes from closed-session meetings where commissioners discussed the county's development moratorium on large subdivisions. - 6/07

The public's right to know

"They have to release the minutes, and if they get sued, they get sued. A potential plaintiff has the right to know what they did in that meeting."
- Cathy Packer, who teaches media law at UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, said the threat of a suit is not a basis for withholding the minutes from closed-session meetings where commissioners discussed the county's development moratorium on large subdivisions. 6/07

The most open govenment in Chatham County history?

"We will do our best to implement new policies that will make this administration the most open in Chatham County history."
- Chairman Carl Thompson makes the claim in a county press release 13 days after the News and Observer asked for the release of closed session minutes concerning the moratorium ordinance. 6/19/07

What to do?

"I don't know what we're going to do if we don't get this 1 percent."

Chatham County Commissioner Mike Cross, explaining the need for a proposal for a 1-percent land transfer tax that would help pay for county needs.

Getting it done

"We didn't open a business to just try it. You have to make it happen. So you adapt. If we only had antiques, I don't think we'd still be around."

Jacques Dufour, owner of French Connections, describing how his Pittsboro antiques and art shop has adapted to changing economic trends by de-emphasizing French antiques and selling more African art.

New concern raised on Booth Mountain

"This is credible expert information. Why anyone would refuse to listen to it is beyond me."

Booth Mountain neighbor Allison Weakley said the planning board voted without gathering enough public comment.

Substantial Influence

When I first started out serving and running, I indicated that I would do so long enough to have substantial influence. I'm able to do that now, and I think that's a benefit to my constituents."

- State Rep. Joe Hackney on his decision to run for a 13th term in the State House.

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