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WFU's Jim Grobe meets the press to preview the Clemson game

Posted Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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Tuesday Football Press Conference Quotes

Winston-Salem, NC - Head coach Jim Grobe met with the media to review the Maryland game and to preview the Clemson game. Stanley Arnoux, Aaron Curry, Alphonso Smith and Steve Vallos also visited with the media on Tuesday morning.

Head Coach Jim Grobe

On the team:

"The thing that I think probably describes our team as much as anything is inconsistency. We've been up and down both offensively and defensively. We haven't put a game together where all three phases - offense, defense and kicking game - have played together. In order to win, we have to do that."

On Cory Randolph seeing time at quarterback:

"We're repping him more at quarterback. I don't think the wide receiver thing has worked out very well. We're really not helping the kid out by going quarterback, wide receiver, back and forth, so he'll get a lot of reps at quarterback this week. I think we need to let him play a little bit and see how it goes."

On why the need to move Randolph back to quarterback:

"We've gone through four games and we're 1-3. When we're not winning, nothing stays status quo, and that's not just at the quarterback position. We have to find a combination that helps us win football games, and so we're not going to just sit on our hands for 11 games and look back on the season and wonder what happened. We're going to try and find combinations that'll help us win football games."

On problems in the passing game:

"We're dropping too many balls first and foremost. At times, protection breaks down and at times we don't make the right decision who to throw the football to. At times, we're a little too anxious and get out of the pocket too quick. It's not any one guy; it's an offensive system that is not working real well throwing the football. We didn't run the ball very well the other night, so we have a lot of issues right now offensively."

On the importance of the Clemson game:

"Every game for us has seemed like a crossroads game for us. We played a lot of freshmen and sophomores our first four games, and it was interesting to me to see how they were going to perform against Vanderbilt. We were close but didn't get it done. We kind of fell apart offensively at Nebraska, bounced back offensively against East Carolina, then let down against Maryland. We're kind of up and down on both sides of the ball. We seem to trade weeks as to when one side of the ball or the other is going to play well, and we better put it all together soon because we're in a league that you have to be on your best every Saturday or you aren't going to win."

On the offensive breakdowns:

"I was disappointed at how many minor breakdowns led to drives being stopped, whether we caught a ball and fell down, whether we missed a block, whether we ran to the wrong hole - at times our tailbacks needed to be on the perimeter when they decided to cut back against the grain. It was just a completely disjointed effort offensively, and every little thing we did wrong seemed to be a drive stopper. It was a very unusual night for us offensively; we didn't get anything clicking or get consistency at all."

On the 14 point swing:

"I think it summed up what happened against Maryland. We had a 14 point swing in two plays. Our guys don't handle that stuff very well right now. Sometimes it looks like we're all going in different directions and nobody is pulling on the same end of the rope. I think offensively we need to have 11 guys doing their job. We can't have a silly penalty here or a dropped ball there. We keep doing those types of things and offensively that kills you. Once in a while on defense you can make a mistake and end up with a big play. Generally, if you make too many mistakes offensively it kills drives and that's what happened to us against Maryland."

Redshirt freshman linebacker Stanley Arnoux

On the experience of playing after a redshirt year:
"Well it's pretty nice to play after sitting out a whole year, and I think it was a good year. I learned a lot from it."

On the experience of real game situations:
"We do learn a lot from getting the experience of actually playing in the games. The coaches do a real good job for getting us ready for each game."

On the team's struggle for a win:
"I think we still have not played the game together offensive and defensively. I really wouldn't burn the offense. I think we have to come out and play the whole game."

On the other redshirt freshmen and their development:
"A lot of us are pretty comfortable with each other. The older guys who have played last year have accepted us and are helping us along. Everybody's still learning and that makes this a good situation."

Redshirt freshmen cornerback Alphonso Smith

On beginning to experience college football:
"It was good for me and good for my fellow redshirt freshmen. Coming in, I thought I was ready physically but not mentally, and that's what Coach Grobe and the coaching staff have got me prepared mentally to go out on the field."

On coming into the Wake Forest program:
"I got a chance to travel with the team, so I was just trying to watch the transition between high school and college. I had Eric King and Marcus McGruder that took me in when I came early in the summer. They just talked to me about a lot of stuff and they said, `it's just football, only thing different is the mental part.' And they were right."

On the speed transition of the game from high school to college:
"I don't think it is much faster, but I think that everybody knows what they're doing; therefore, they move so fast. In high school, you have a couple great players, your mediocre players, and your not so good players and a lot of players don't know what they're doing in high school. But in college everybody knows what they're doing therefore, they move fast."

On the team's performance:
"Both the offense and the defense still feel pretty good. It's still a team game, and sometimes the offense, defense or the special teams might not play well every game. But when we get it together, everyone in the nation will know it. Hopefully we'll get it together this week. We have a great coaching staff and they put us in the best positions that they can, and they can put us in position to win. We just have to execute the plays that are given."

Junior offensive tackle Steve Vallos

On the importance of this week's game:
"Both us and Clemson definitely need a win this week. We've lost games that I think we should have won. I think we need a win to get back on track for the season."

On the offensive line:
"We're doing an okay job. We can always do better. You can't place the blame on one area, because it's a team game and our team lost."

On moving on to the next game:
"Coach Grobe told us that we need to mature and get back to the basics. The only way to get better is to play the game. We're starting to take more of a show-and-tell approach, using more walk-throughs, which should help more of the younger guys."

Redshirt freshman linebacker Aaron Curry

On the youth of the team:
"We can't use the freshmen excuse. We were all putting ourselves into a position to play. When we get on the field, we can't be the reason why or the people who make mistakes. We have been waiting for this moment for over a year and now we just need to play."

On losing games:
"It's tough losing. Most of us aren't used to losing. We are still confident in ourselves. During the game, we don't give up on each other.

On the game against Clemson:
"We really want this win. Our team and our program need this win. Our program needs a win for the ACC and for our confidence."

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WFU's Jim Grobe meets the press to preview the Clemson game
Wake Forest football head coach Jim Grobe,
photo by Gene Galin
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