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My thoughts on the Western Wake Partners wastewater discharge

By Mike Cross
Posted Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Moncure, NC - I voted NO, but it passed 3-2.This has been a long and contentious process and I have heard from so many citizens who actually live in East and Southeast Chatham, I doubt I could count them. Only two of these citizens thought this discharge line was a good thing to add to southeast Chatham.My vote doesn’t mean I’m hard-headed and I actually do understand the benefits and requirements of working regionally. I also know my roots and who my neighbors are. I am the sixth generation on my family farm in the Corinth community. My home is approximately half way down the discharge route. I am related to four families that will be affected and neighbor to all 12. I really don’t have any plans to leave. I think you have the picture.The project has now been approved and we can only hope the process, construction and results won’t be as disturbing as some fear. There are still concerns to be pondered…Set-backs: A 30 ft. easement with set-backs could result in the lost of property use totaling 35 ft. Building set-backs are measured from original property line, but can not be ON the easement. Wells, Septic Fields and Septic Repair Areas have an additional five foot set-back from the easement line.… this combined amount of lost property use could negate the owner’s ability to install or repair necessary infrastructure to support their home. We can only hope the Western Wake Partners representatives will work with the property owners to see that this doesn’t happen.Property Owners:Only one resident property owner has stated that he is OK with this easement. His statement was very misleading and he will in fact gain improvement to his property. He stated the easement would pass right in front of his home, when it actually passes on the other side of the road from his home. That property is clear-cut; scrub trees and stumps will be removed in the process. That should ease his concerns.All other property owners who live on these properties have NO desire for this easement. Several have even told the WWP representatives to stay off of their land - Period. Pre-Imminent Domain legal procedures will now take over allowing property surveys to determine exactly what will be negotiated.Voluntary Annexation: There has never been an Involuntary Annexation by Cary into Chatham County. If future voluntary annexations into Chatham are not connected with this project as stated by the WWP, why the reluctance to enter into an agreement for a local Voluntary Annexation Bill requiring approval by the Chatham BOC following a Public Hearing?…as was proposed by the previous BOC.The voluntary annexations that have occurred, IMO, have taken advantage of the statutes. Voluntary annexations should be at the request of resident property owners who request to be annexed to gain services they desire and need. In fact, Developers have purchased land – become a non resident Chatham property owner and proceeded with a voluntary annexation request so they can build high density housing regardless of the desires of the Chatham citizen property owners in the same area. Chatham will be responsible for providing schools, libraries, etc. Without this wastewater discharge line, this type of massive growth would not be sustainable. Now it will be… for a long, long time. Times are a changing!Leadership: The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision. (Helen Keller)

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My thoughts on the Western Wake Partners wastewater discharge
Chatham County Commissioner Mike Cross shares his viewpoints with citizens on his weblog.

Related info:
Mike Cross' Weblog

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