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One on One

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How Nader might help the Democrats this fallHow Nader might help the Democrats this fall
[Feb. 24, 2004] “What do you think Ralph Nader is going to do?” my friend asked me at early church this week. Then he said, “I am going home now to see if his big ego is going to ruin the Democrats’ chances again this year.” It turned out, as you of course know, that Ralph Nader told NBC’s Meet the Press that he would run again for President as an independent. In 2000, he was the Green Party’s nominee. Most observers believe that had Nader not been on the ballot in 2000, Al Gore would have won the presidential election. By D. G. Martin
What should Edwards do now?What should Edwards do now?
[Feb. 16, 2004] “What would you do now if you were in John Edwards’ shoes?” A friend of mine asked me this question a few days ago after another string of primary victories by John Kerry. Before I could open my mouth, my friend let me know that he had the answer to his own question. By D. G. Martin
Longing for the good old days of one-party governmentLonging for the good old days of one-party government
[Feb. 9, 2004] I am thinking about better times in days gone by--back in the days of one-party government in North Carolina. “Just wait a minute,” you say. “That is heresy. We all believe in a two-party system today, don’t we? Surely you jest. Or maybe it’s just your ‘yellow-dog’ Democrat colors showing through, longing for the days when your party had it all to itself.” By D. G. Martin
"The Carolina Way" -- It’s a Lot More Than Knocking Heads"The Carolina Way" -- It’s a Lot More Than Knocking Heads
[Feb. 2, 2004] “I don't know what's going on, but I would sure knock some heads before the next game.”
I have been hearing this comment and similar ones from Carolina Tar Heel basketball fans the last few days. Like passionate athletic fans everywhere, their bitter, critical remarks usually go hand-in-hand with a loving, devoted commitment to their team. By D. G. Martin
From saving soles to saving soulsFrom saving soles to saving souls
[Jan. 26, 2004] The upcoming 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education has me thinking about how things changed over the years. Recently, I have been remembering Warren McKissick, who died in Charlotte last month. By D. G. Martin
The War on Terrorism and My AlmanacsThe War on Terrorism and My Almanacs
[Jan. 4, 2004] I am in trouble with the FBI. So are some of my best friends, the ones to whom I gave a new almanac for Christmas. By D. G. Martin
Why Edwards Won't Quit -- You Pick the ReasonWhy Edwards Won't Quit -- You Pick the Reason
[Dec. 28, 2003] Why is John Edwards still in the presidential race? I hear this question a lot these days. By D. G. Martin
Can we protect the places we love?Can we protect the places we love?
[Oct. 20, 2003] "Gosh! It's gone!"

How many times have you said that to yourself as you drove past former pasture land or a forest that has suddenly become a new subdivision or office building? By D. G. Martin

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