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One on One

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A presidential campaign based in Chapel HillA presidential campaign based in Chapel Hill
[Dec. 6, 2004] Last week newspapers featured stories of John Edwards traveling across North Carolina to tell his U.S. Senate constituents goodbye. Edwards's journey prompted many North Carolinians to wonder again about the senator's plans for the future. Folks in Chapel Hill learned at least part of the answer. Work is progressing on a large track of land that Elizabeth and John Edwards bought near Chapel Hill. Edwards confirmed that he plans to move his family to a new home they will build on this property. By D. G. Martin
Our election crisis - a blessing in disguise?Our election crisis - a blessing in disguise?
[Nov. 29, 2004] How does it feel to be right in the middle of one of the world's most important and most interesting election recount crises? No. I am not talking about the controversy that has threatened to break apart the Ukraine and perhaps raise the ghost of the Cold War. Nor do I have in mind Florida and the hanging chads the 2000 election. I am thinking about the still undetermined result in the race for North Carolina's Commissioner of Agriculture. By D. G. Martin
Thanksgiving and happinessThanksgiving and happiness
[Nov. 17, 2004] Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Why? One reason is that it is one of the very few days we have saved just for families and friends. We have done a better job of keeping the Thanksgiving holiday from getting away from us. It has not yet taken charge of our lives. No dressing up with new clothes, no cards to mail, no gifts to buy and wrap, no parties, no alcohol, no high expectations to be crushed, no embarrassing failures to do the right thing. Somehow we have mostly kept it centered around our family dining table. By D. G. Martin
The day we celebrate - and worryThe day we celebrate - and worry
[Nov. 15, 2004] "Just wanted you all to know it's official. They have counted all the provisional votes and I have won." The call came to my wife and me on November 11 from our son Grier, who had been a candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives from a district in Raleigh. Until then he had insisted that not celebrate even though newspapers had already reported his win, and his opponent had graciously conceded. By D. G. Martin
Good news for the losing political parties - both of themGood news for the losing political parties - both of them
[Nov. 8, 2004] Which political party is in bad trouble today-the Democratic or the Republican? Before you answer, here are that party's symptoms. By D. G. Martin
North Carolina's candidates - Do they know what they're getting into?North Carolina's candidates - Do they know what they're getting into?
[Oct. 25, 2004] Will the officials we elect next be ready to lead North Carolina for the next few years? If their campaign materials, their debates and their TV ads are any indication, these folks have no idea about what they are getting into. Most of the rest of us also have an incomplete idea of the enormous challenges our state faces over the next 20 years. By D. G. Martin
Also: Progress Board
The State Fair - something a real North Carolinian should doThe State Fair - something a real North Carolinian should do
[Oct. 18, 2004] It is State Fair Week in Raleigh - giving us an opportunity to do one of those things that every one who wants to be a "real North Carolinian" should do. Every year about one in every 10 North Carolinians visits the fair. About 830,000 came last year-almost as many people as the total population of the state when the fair started more than 150 years ago. By D. G. Martin
Mattamuskeet apples and a tradition of service and supportMattamuskeet apples and a tradition of service and support
[Oct. 10, 2004] Last week I took my two-year-old granddaughter across the street to gather some fruit from the apple tree in my neighbor's yard. She enthusiastically sings a song about "shaking those 'simmons down" even though she has no idea what persimmons are. I thought it would be fun to see if she would understand the connection between gathering fruit and eating it. By D. G. Martin
Exciting political races that nobody is watchingExciting political races that nobody is watching
[Sep. 13, 2004] So you already have your eye on the upcoming contest for governor (Ballantine-Easley), senate (Burr-Bowles) and maybe even lieutenant governor (Perdue-Snyder), do you? But I will bet you a dime that you are not watching the eight statewide races that will produce the closest and most exciting political races this fall in North Carolina. By D. G. Martin
Risking a shot at a big grizzlyRisking a shot at a big grizzly
[Sep. 6, 2004] "If you are going to take a shot at a grizzly bear, you'd better be sure you kill him. You don't want to just wound him." This advice came to me from my former senior law partner, W.T. Covington, Jr. I was preparing a motion asking a judge to remove himself from a case because, as I would have to assert, he was personally prejudiced against my client. By D. G. Martin
Meddling old man or West Point cadetMeddling old man or West Point cadet
[Aug. 31, 2004] I am still thinking about "Absolutely American," the book about West Point that was the UNC-Chapel Hill summer reading program selection. The new students at Carolina discussed the book last week. Now they have moved on to their regular classes and the challenges of adjusting to college life and to being away from home. By D. G. Martin
A quiet time for summer reading at CarolinaA quiet time for summer reading at Carolina
[Aug. 23, 2004] I missed the fun that came with the controversy. This year's UNC-Chapel Hill Summer Reading Program escaped the public attention that came during the last two years. By D. G. Martin
Are the young voters up for grabs?Are the young voters up for grabs?
[Aug. 15, 2004] Are you still struggling with the question of whether John Edwards was the Democrat's best choice for John Kerry's running mate? Just as Republicans hope that Ballentine's youth and energy can appeal to our state's young voters this year, Democrats are counting on the same qualities in Edwards to swing them into the Kerry-Edwards camp on election day. By D. G. Martin
When was the last time a real North Carolinian was on a national ticket?When was the last time a real North Carolinian was on a national ticket?
[Aug. 9, 2004] My local Rotary Club has asked me to give a program that "sizes up" the fall elections for them. I thought I would share with you some of what I am going to tell them. First of all, there will have to be a confession. I do not have any better idea than they do about who is going to win the presidency. Nor do I know for sure how the important statewide races in North Carolina will turn out. By D. G. Martin
Think LighthousesThink Lighthouses
[Aug. 2, 2004] North Carolina has an ongoing love affair with its lighthouses. You will see photos, paintings, and models in homes, offices, and front yards in every region of our state. Calendars and special issues of magazines and newspapers feed our seemingly insatiable appetite to look at them and their surroundings from different angles. By D. G. Martin

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