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In My Opinion

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Current Chatham board is living up to its promise of open government
[Jun. 7, 2007] I am puzzled where Growth Matters get its information about Chatham County because it continues to publish incorrect and biased reports about government actions in our county. The reason the hearing on the moratorium was continued to the next evening [May 22] was for the very reason that you claimed in a subsequent post that the moratorium was not needed. The county board’s meetings are still filled with public hearing and deliberations on residential development requests. By Jeffrey Starkweather
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When you are in a hole, stop diggingWhen you are in a hole, stop digging
[May 25, 2007] If there was ever a time for a moratorium, and more importantly solid planning and implementation of plans, it is now. Chatham is faced with accelerated population growth. We cannot keep pace, let alone get ahead of the curve. By Larry Hicks
North Chatham High School needed regardless of expansion of NorthwoodNorth Chatham High School needed regardless of expansion of Northwood
[Apr. 10, 2007] While I understand your desire to explore all options was one of the basis for your consideration of a possible expansion of Northwood High School, I believe we cannot afford to abandon the need for the NE Chatham high school, whether or not we add an addition to Northwood High School. By Jeffrey Starkweather
Northwood's track is an accident waiting to happen
[Mar. 21, 2007] Can anyone explain to me why Northwood High Schools track is in such disrepair? My daughter just joined the track team and they had a meeting on Friday, February 23rd to talk about track this season. Eight-six kids are on the track team. That's wonderful. However there is one problem. By Susan DiFranco
Northwood's overcrowding shortchanges studentsNorthwood's overcrowding shortchanges students
[Mar. 12, 2007] When the teachers of your core subject classes are raising the flag about class sizes there is a problem. This is from the latest Teacher Advisory Committee minutes. This committee is made up of the teachers of the year from the county schools. By Meg Miller
Coping with segregation within churchesCoping with segregation within churches
[Mar. 9, 2007] Recently on the Chatham Chatlist, a conversation has started regarding church segregation (an earlier note may have been posted before I joined a week ago). Here is the first post I saw. By Mindy Douglas Adams
My vision for Pittsboro's future
[Feb. 28, 2007] I have had the pleasure of being a resident of Chatham County for 5 years this February and now the owner of a small business in Pittsboro for a little over a year. I am definitely proud to say I live here and I encourage people to come visit. Pittsboro is one of the sweetest towns I have ever been to. By Monica Howell
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Economic development for Chatham’s futureEconomic development for Chatham’s future
[Jan. 19, 2007] Last December, the UNC Center for Competitive Economies presented an economic opportunity ‘SWOT’ analysis of Chatham County. This oft-used assessment tool provides a baseline assessment of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing Chatham as it begins to establish a pro-active approach to attracting quality business to the County. By Larry Hicks
Also: Chatham Strategic Plan
Also: Chatham Land Conservation and Development Plan
Another POD for Northwood?Another POD for Northwood?
[Jan. 5, 2007] Those of us who frequent Northwood High School have been wondering why the entire section of woods was cleared to make way to the new 8 classroom POD. I have been told the space next to the existing POD is for parking and, yep, ANOTHER POD. By Meg Miller
Governor Easley should keep promise to taxpayersGovernor Easley should keep promise to taxpayers
[Dec. 13, 2006] In response to Governor Easley’s comments regarding his desire to keep the quarter-cent sales tax increase that is slated to expire next year, Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger (R-District 26) released the following statement:
Why I'm voting for Gerald Totten for Board of EducationWhy I'm voting for Gerald Totten for Board of Education
[Nov. 7, 2006] I don't usually endorse local candidates. This is only my third one. I'd like to proudly say that I will be voting for Gerald Totten, candidate for the Chatham County Board of Education on Tuesday. I hope you join me in casing your vote for Mr. Totten as well. By Gene Galin
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Also: Chatham Coalitioan BOE questionnaire and answers
Shameful vote for incentives for ISPShameful vote for incentives for ISP
[Oct. 17, 2006] Last night Chatham County citizens witnessed our lame duck board once again refuse to evaluate data and public input and instead poke a finger in the watchful eye of its constituents. By Lesley Landis
Take back our voteTake back our vote
[Oct. 10, 2006] Take Back our Vote is a committee formed to oppose the referendum on district voting. District voting is an attempt to divide the African American community and other communities in Chatham because the same power hungry and greedy officials who controlled the purse strings in Chatham County want to continue to hold onto the political strings thru this district voting scheme. By Margie Ellison
Voting by district: A parableVoting by district: A parable
[Aug. 25, 2006] Years ago Bynum had an operational one lane bridge. The DOT planned on closing it. Most of the people of Bynum opposed closing it. At the public hearing many residents of Bynum showed up. Many people outside of Bynum appeared as well. By Greg Stafford
[Aug. 22, 2006] At the point I am writing this, Tuesday morning, there is still one more evening of hearings to go on redistricting. The discussions of Monday night, as with the July Board of commisioners' meeting, have poured into the next day. But I can already predict the ending. By Larry Hicks

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