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In My Opinion

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Is the Pittsboro Plenty really a good idea?
[May 14, 2009] My initial take on the Plenty was that I didn't see the point but if someone wants to use it go ahead. I hate to be negative about anyone promoting local business but the more I read about it, the more I wonder if it really is a good idea. By DJ Kelly
Commissioner George Lucier repeats the same meaningless arguments without addressing the real issuesCommissioner George Lucier repeats the same meaningless arguments without addressing the real issues
[Feb. 26, 2009] Chatham County Commissioner Lucier sent a statement to the Chatham Conservative Voice on Wednesday about withdrawing from a public forum the group was sponsoring for Thursday evening. The statement was made public yesterday. Here is a rebuttal of the argumnets made in that statement. By DJ Kelly
Also: George Lucier's statement to the CCV
School Board members fly to California while local school infrastructure crumbles
[Feb. 5, 2009] Last evening the Northwood PTSA voted to spend $5000 to bring the the football field house concessions up to code so it can be used for spring sports. The money was given to the Booster club in order to facilitate these much need repairs. This was done out of desperation. We don't like to spend PTSA funds on facility maintenance. We'd much rather spend it in the classroom or for our staff and faculty. By Meg Miller
Chatham Coalition is out of touch and out to lunch
[Oct. 16, 2008] In my opinion, what started as a wonderful and needed idea to empower the small, disconnected progressive groups around Chatham, back in the Bunkey days, has turned into a very pushy, very closed minded, out of touch organization. By Peter Theye
Examples of creative school accounting?
[Jul. 25, 2008] The following comments and questions apply to the information provided on the Chatham schools’ Capital Outlay Budget purporting to show completed and work in progress items dated 6/4/08 and the 7/15/08 request of the commissioners to reprogram budget leftover funds on 21 July 2008. By Gerald H. Totten
On Tim RussertOn Tim Russert
[Jun. 17, 2008] The unexpected death of veteran journalist Tim Russert, moderator of the nation’s most watched television news program on Sunday mornings, MEET THE PRESS, is a significant loss to the journalistic world, but a greater loss to the American public. Tim was a valiant servant and guardian of the public trust; as it is a journalist’s call to be. By Del Turner
Victimless crime? What is that?Victimless crime? What is that?
[Mar. 27, 2008] It is astounding how our society continues to create semantically contradictory justifications to excuse abuses of power. It is even more astounding how easily we buy into the hype. What, pray tell us, constitutes a “victimless crime?” By Delcenia Turner
Best group of volunteersBest group of volunteers
[Feb. 11, 2008] I am part of the best group of volunteers. We’ve been going strong here in Pittsboro and surrounding communities since 2002 in the fight against cancer. We volunteer for the American Cancer Society and particularly for the year-round fundraising efforts through the Pittsboro Relay for Life. By Suz Clark
Also: Pittsboro Relay for Life
Council on Aging meets the needs of an aging populationCouncil on Aging meets the needs of an aging population
[Nov. 15, 2007] The Council on Aging provides programs and services to people who would otherwise have significant needs that would result in institutionalization, which is a great cost taxpayers would shoulder. Our clients are people from all walks of life, all means of support, and the majority of them were born in Chatham County and have lived here all their lives. By Angel Dennison
The NC Boys Choir and the Individuals With Disabilities Act
[Sep. 24, 2007] My son was a participant in the North Carolina Boys Choir until last spring when the director of that group kicked him out. My son was kicked out of the choir because I confronted the director for his comments about the abilities of my son. By Dan Cahoon
Pittsboro town board thumbs its nose at the people’s mandate
[Aug. 24, 2007] What happens in Pittsboro, does not stay in Pittsboro! And what is about to happen in Pittsboro is an affront to all Chatham citizens far and wide. Please read what follows, and respond with your presence. By Pittsboro Together
Pittsboro chicken plant is vital resource for small farmersPittsboro chicken plant is vital resource for small farmers
[Aug. 13, 2007] Regarding the chicken plant in Pittsboro, if the plant that is being referred to is the JBF Processing plant on Jay Shambly road, then folks need to know a few things about poultry processing. First, this plant is an extremely rare commodity in the farming community on a nation wide level. Lack of access to processing is often the reason there are entire regions in the US where farmers can't think of raising poultry to market. By Jeannette Beranger
"Pittsboro Place" could leave Pittsboro DISplaced
[Jul. 23, 2007] The "Empire" is on the march again and ready to "strike back" with a plan to create the Mother of all Malls on the edge of town that makes South Point look like small potatoes. It would encompass 1.3 million sq. ft. of commercial development (equivalent to six Super Wal-Marts plus parking decks and other tall buildings at a later date) and 332 residential units. A flyer distributed by the developers to local neighborhoods and area homes in Pittsboro tauts Pittsboro Place as an economic savior, a mecca for jobs and a place to dine out, take in a movie and bowl. By Rita K. Spina
If there was ever a time for a moratorium, it is now.
[Jun. 12, 2007] If there was ever a time for a moratorium, and more importantly solid planning and implementation of plans, it is now. Chatham is faced with accelerated population growth. We cannot keep pace, let alone get ahead of the curve. By Larry Hicks
Manufactured news
[Jun. 12, 2007] I am greatly concerned about the accuracy of Leah Friedman’s reporting in the N&O story entitled Foes cry 'foul' over Chatham moratorium, which ran June 5, 2007 and conclusion you reached based on her reporting that led to your editorializing on open government in Chatham County in the Chapel Hill News on June 6, 2007. By John E. Hammond
Also: Chatham Online Bulletin Board

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