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In My Opinion

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Civitas poll finds that North Carolina voters continue to want requiring photo ID to voteCivitas poll finds that North Carolina voters continue to want requiring photo ID to vote
[Jan. 12, 2011] There continues to be overwhelming support among North Carolina voters for requiring photo identification to vote, according to a new poll released by the Civitas Institute. Eighty-three percent of voters said they favor a law that requires voters to show government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, before being allowed to cast a vote in an election. Sixteen percent said they oppose such a law, and 1 percent said they have no opinion, according to the live caller poll of 600 registered voters.
LEED certification - More hype than substanceLEED certification - More hype than substance
[Dec. 14, 2010] LEED Certification is often promoted as being about energy efficiency. Despite a substantial additional cost many critics claim it doesn't deliver and is more hype than substance. One area where Chatham County has spent a lot of money in recent years “to seem rather than to be” is on LEED certification. We were told the resulting energy efficiency would pay for the added cost. Actual energy efficiency is something we can all agree on whether our primary motivation is to save money or to save the environment. Unfortunately, LEED certification does not necessarily mean energy efficiency and certainly does not guarantee it. There are other alternatives that are much more cost effective. By Donna Kelly
Chatham County would benefit from Western Wake Partners discharge line across east ChathamChatham County would benefit from Western Wake Partners discharge line across east Chatham
[Dec. 9, 2010] Western Wake Partners is a local government partnership created to solve two problems. It is made up of Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, Morrisville, and Wake County. Since Jordan Lake became the source of drinking water for the governments, the issue of interbasin transfer has not been addressed. Growth of population and discharge amounts from each city has grown and the WWP partners are located southeast of Raleigh near Chatham County. By Tom Glendinning
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Challengers face many aversions and half truths from incumbents Lucier, Vanderbeck and Thompson
[Oct. 15, 2010] Recent debates, ads and newsletters have cast the pall of rumor over the abilities of candidates for commissioner in Chatham County challenging the existing power block of Lucier, Kost, Vanderbeck and Thompson. The issues are crucial to the future health and welfare of the taxpayers, business community, farmers and anyone who owns property. By Tom Glendinning
Do commissioners need another excuse for not paying employees the increase they earned?Do commissioners need another excuse for not paying employees the increase they earned?
[Aug. 22, 2010] On June 21, 2010 the Chatham County Commissioners told me there were not enough funds to honor the employee's pay increases promised on the PFP Agreements for the FY2008/2009 work period. During the period in question property values increased from $7.4 billion to $8.6 billion. The property tax income increased $4.8 million and the commissioners increased many fees. The county's fund balance, savings account, increased by $695,000 this last year even after having to make up budget cuts by the General Assembly. So there was enough revenue to meet the county's obligations. By Bunkey Morgan
Chatham County commissioners should honor obligations to our hard-working county employees
[Jul. 11, 2010] When the 2009-2010 budget was passed last year, George Lucier stated: "When recession struck, Chatham County immediately froze hiring for many positions as well as increases." He went on to announce that the pay-for-performance salary increases earned by county employees would not be paid. By Brian Bock
Time to put Chatham County government on a budgetary dietTime to put Chatham County government on a budgetary diet
[Jul. 10, 2010] While walking this morning, I circled the courthouse, Dunlap Building, Recreation Department, and Public Works, the purpose of an Obesity Director (OD) became clear. If I exercise to keep in shape and lose weight, maybe the OD can recommend how Chatham government can lose weight. Or, possibly, the OD can quit thereby saving approximately $ 70,000 per year in the budget and serve as a good example for the other positions created by our fearless leaders. When I served in the military, the Officer of the Day commanded respect. Here the OD holds a non-defensible position. By Tom Glendinning
Let the confederate soldier statue stand in front of the Chatham courthouse
[Jul. 3, 2010] I saw on News14 a brief report on the community forum held about the restoration of the Chatham County Courthouse. I was not able to be present at the forum, but I believe the courthouse can and should be restored to look as it did before the fire, though not necessarily to house the same offices as before. By Ed Williams
Why buying Apple iPads for students at this time is a bad ideaWhy buying Apple iPads for students at this time is a bad idea
[Jun. 12, 2010] Last Monday's board meeting included a topic "A Vision for a Total Digital Learning Environment for Chatham County Schools. The meeting agenda included a link to a presentation that I believe was made to the county commissioners but not shown at the school board meeting. By Mia Munn
Does the Chatham Habitat for Humanity build homes for illegal aliens while Americans go homeless?
[Jun. 8, 2010] Chatham County's Habitat for Humanity's Bett Essen tells us that three families will soon move into their new Habitat homes. All three appear to be Hispanic. I have been asked at least once a year to contribute to Habitat, but have not done so because I have not received a definitive answer to the question I have asked, which is "Does Habitat only provide houses for US citizens or legal residents?" By Ed Williams
Frost at his frostiestFrost at his frostiest
[Apr. 19, 2010] The wise people who appoint themselves the guardians of the American soul have been telling us since the publication of Walden by Thoreau over 150 years ago, that materialism and mass production have doomed us. Like Thoreau they bring us the antidote of the spiritual Asian--Thoreau's Hindu meditator or today's idealized Tibetan Buddhists. Not to mention that the publishing industry often mass produces books called the Zen of this or the Zen of that. By Wallace Kaufman
Saying goodbye to the Chatham County courthouseSaying goodbye to the Chatham County courthouse
[Mar. 26, 2010] Yesterday I took my 4 children to our Pittsboro Library book sale and then over to the adjacent Kiwanis children’s park. We were delighted to run into Brian Bock’s wife Jeanna at the book sale and Sue Clark, a hard working Fearrington Republican who was volunteering there. The sign advertising the sale hung from the Chatham County Courthouse. By Heather Johnson
Whiners and winners: Recession brings Chatham golden choicesWhiners and winners: Recession brings Chatham golden choices
[Jan. 16, 2010] A recent article in The Independent about thousands of acres of failed, stagnant or bankrupt development obscures several golden opportunities by the writer's choice to whine about the past rather than think about the future. By Wallace Kaufman
Why it’s important to get involved before the electionWhy it’s important to get involved before the election
[Jul. 22, 2009] Many people I talk to question whether or not their involvement in the political process beyond voting is important and if so, why and what can they do. I want to give a little background as to what is happening around us and hopefully prompt you to get more involved and to get your friends involved. There is a political war being waged. A war between socialism and capitalism that will be won by one side or the other. A war in which capitalism and liberty is currently loosing. By Brian Bock
Chatham's trickle down poverty policies will hurt citizens
[Jun. 11, 2009] There has been much debate about the effectiveness of trickle down economics and its role in one of the longest economic expansions in American history. The Obama administration comes down against the theory claiming that it just isn't fair. He has replaced it with his own economic theory. "Trickle down poverty (TDP)". Various forms of TDP have been tried throughout the ages and in every case it has failed. By Brian Bock

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