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In My Opinion

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How Carol Folt worksHow Carol Folt works
[May 20, 2013] Perhaps the best way to understand the events of the past few weeks is as the final expression of Carol Folt’s ugly view of Dartmouth. She and a small number of professors have taken the current situation and used it to fit their politics and their agenda for the College. The effort became clear on Tuesday, April 23, when the decision to shut down the College for a day was made by a small, insider set of Folt loyalists. By Joe Asch
Carol Folt’s dishonest factsCarol Folt’s dishonest facts
[Apr. 25, 2013] In her speech today in front of Dartmouth Hall, future UNC Chapel Hill chancellor, Carol Folt summarized the events that led to the College’s shutdown: Today is much more than about a specific protest. If it was just a specific event we would not have taken this step. We would and will, as we always do, privately follow our processes and policies, and we will, as we always do, privately follow our processes and policies pertaining to individuals responsible for the hate speech. We will not try this in the court of public opinion. By Joe Asch
Carol Folt: An undistinguished choiceCarol Folt: An undistinguished choice
[Apr. 12, 2013] UNC has made a curious choice for its next Chancellor, one that has people in New Hampshire wondering just how the school came to its decision. Carol Folt was passed over twice for Dartmouth’s Presidency, first when Jim Yong Kim was picked for the position in 2009, and then again in 2012 after Kim precipitously left the College to lead the World Bank, at which point the University of Michigan’s Provost Philip Hanlon was chosen. By Joe Asch
The Siler City downtown master plan failing on many pointsThe Siler City downtown master plan failing on many points
[Feb. 25, 2013] I have often said that the only time people fill out surveys or give their public opinion is when they get mad about what is done. This time it worked as stated, only on ME. The downtown masterplan design was completed and I was disappointed. An input meeting regarding the Siler City downtown master plan is going to be held on Wed. Feb 27 at 8 pm in the courtroom in Siler City. If you live, work, own a business or shop in Siler City you should come to the meeting to give your ideas and opinions. By Daniel Sundberg
History is clear. “Gun-free zones” don’t work
[Feb. 5, 2013] The Tennessee state legislature is considering legislation that would decriminalize the carrying of concealed weapons on state university campuses by individuals who have Handgun Carry Permits. The UTK faculty senate, administration, campus police, and student government association have gone on record as opposing this legislative change. By Jack C. Parker
Ten reasons to build the Chatham County Agricultural Building in Siler CityTen reasons to build the Chatham County Agricultural Building in Siler City
[Feb. 4, 2013] Ten reasons to build the Chatham County Agricultural building in Siler City was presented at the Decemeber 17, 2012 meeting of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners. By Diana Hales
Justice - a qualified viewJustice - a qualified view
[Feb. 4, 2013] Justice is an ideal, just as freedom, in our American society. Though hard to define in detail, the understood guarantee is in the Pledge of Allegiance, “...with liberty and justice for all.” In short, that phrase promises fairness in the delivery of equality under the law. Since I am not a “constitutional attorney,” I will not cite the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, which also hold similar promises. By Tom Glendinning
How did we arrive at the point of defining a bureaucracy by wrong doing?How did we arrive at the point of defining a bureaucracy by wrong doing?
[Feb. 4, 2013] Bureaucracy - 1. Government by bureaus; also, the group of officials so governing. 2. The undue extension of bureaus in the extension of government, or the use by them of undue influence and authority. Funk & Wagnalls, 1963 By Tom Glendinning
The wrong panic listThe wrong panic list
[Oct. 17, 2012] Recent publications on gas drilling have used a scare tactic to frighten citizens about gas drilling, again. “Fracking” has become a buzzword for gas drilling. It is a special technique to coax gas from deep wells in rock layers 3000 to 8000 feet below the land surface and not always needed for successful mining of gas and oil. By Tom Glendinning
Teacher salary supplements in Chatham County are sixth highest in North CarolinaTeacher salary supplements in Chatham County are sixth highest in North Carolina
[Jul. 2, 2012] At the risk of poking the sacred cow of teacher’s salaries, I wish to point out a few statistics on Chatham’s place in the state salary structure. First, these salaries are paid by the state. The teacher’s supplement comes form the county/city funds. Teachers can earn from $ 30,000 to roughly $ 64,000 depending on years of experience and college degree. Years of experience range form 0 to 34. By Tom Glendinning
Natural gas wells - clean or dirty?
[Jun. 25, 2012] Below are two wellheads for natural gas extraction. Can you guess which one is green and which one is dirty? This article may lead you to wonder. The recent natural gas drilling proposed for deposits along the Goldsboro fault line in North Carolina, specifically in Chatham and Lee counties, has evoked a groundswell of criticism from the environmental community. Many parts of their argument are falsely founded, lacking sound scientific evidence and are based on little data from environmental departments in the states which allow such drilling. By Tom Glendinning
Yet another Chatham County permitting storyYet another Chatham County permitting story
[Mar. 21, 2012] This snapshot represents a business improvement which has cost more than a reasonable person with options would invest if all factors were known in advance. It is an example of how the county has overstepped its bounds for business and homeowners building in Chatham. By Tom Glendenning
The recent compromise on ephemeral streams
[Mar. 21, 2012] Ephemeral streams are defined by North Carolina standards as those paths of water which have no permanently defined bed for passage and will provide drainage when rain events occur to fill them. They could be the ditch beside your driveway or the road ditch. They could be the low place in the pasture or lawn which holds water while draining after a rain. By Tom Glendenning
A reply to the “Sustainable Capitalism” Manifesto
[Jan. 16, 2012] Sustainable has become the new king’s clothing in the American marketplace of mentality. The buzzword was invented by the people whose minds were shaped by the 1950's sales concept that“new”was better. Decades of marketing influence have led unsuspecting citizens to believe the maxim. Credence in the performance of old, former, dependable methods and products has almost disappeared.The sales job is almost complete. By Tom Glendenning
In defense of the Chatham County Economic Development CorporationIn defense of the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation
[Dec. 16, 2011] As a small business owner, I went to the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) about my concept for a Small Business Incubator. They met with me immediately and gave me several tools to work with. They recommended that I meet with Gary Kibler at the Business School at Central Carolina Community College who met with me the next day after that and we put a plan into action. By Heather Johnson

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