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Chatham citizen expresses anger over county commission behavior

By Nancy S. Brown
Posted Friday, February 6, 2004

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Dear Commissioners Emerson, Pollard, Outz, and Morgan,

After reading today's Durham Herald article and your comments about your colleague Commissioner Atwater, well, call me stunned that not one of the four of you deemed it necessary to say anything during Monday's commissioners meeting, but speak freely to a journalist with your comments. ( )

Nice job keeping your comments out of the BOC minutes and thus out of the public government record. And kudos to you all for hanging your fellow commissioner out to dry.

Call me dismayed.

What better way to say, "The hell with the concerns of Chatham County United, CCEC and the SCCAC and the rest of Chatham citizens."

If Paul Messick tells a staff member that he is not allowed to release information, that is of great concern. He is not the county attorney. He should not be involved in handing out dictums and writing legal opinions or drafts.

You all may not like being challenged. And you may not like the discussion going on in Chatham. But you sure well better begin having a conscience. Many of us have never received any answers to any emails we have ever written to any of you EXCEPT from Commissioner Atwater. At least he has had the courtesy to listen and respond, even in disagreement. The rest of you need a lesson in humility. And governing.

Go ahead, sell the house and greet the opposition.

And - if back room deals aren't being made - tell me - who are the investors all lined up to buy Chatham land for economic development in Siler City with no public hearing on the deal? And who is chumming up to Ven Poole of Waste Industries, Inc. for a dump in southeast Chatham? And who asked Newland in a work session how many home sites were enough for them? And who slagged the best hog waste ordinance in North Carolina through legal challenge and then received a campaign contribution from Hog King Wendell Murphy? And who is selling out Moncure where air pollution is rampant? And who received a $4,000 campaign contribution from Seth Wooten in 2003 after the S.T. Wooten Asphalt plant was given their permit. And who lives in a district he didn't run from? And which attorneys represent cases opposite to their actual disposition; Farnsworth v Jones; Home Builders of Northern California v Napa City, CA?

Then, who has a cesspool running down the road off Mann's Chapel and Poythress Rd. that hasn't been addressed since 1994 adjacent to where Briar Chapel will increase the likelihood of similar waste water load problems to all surrounding land and homeowners? And who has MTBE in wells in northeastern Chatham County? And who on Sugar Lake Road and Mt. Gilead Church Road area has TCE, trichlorethylene, a known human carcinogen in their water and heavy load air pollutants streaming? And how many school kids can you pack into Perry Harrison and North Chatham schools? And why are school kids in Silk Hope eating off paper plates? And who went to the DOT years ago for road improvements for big developers? And how much traffic gridlock will we see? And what about an understaffed Planning Department that rubber stamps development because they are, with the help of the county attorney yipping "equal protection" as if it had something to do with money and not suffrage and civil rights? And how many million dollar homes in gated and non-gated communities will you pass despite soil erosion, phosphates and nitrogen loads screwing up the Haw River and Jordan Lake not only for Chatham, but for the region? And how many more acres of timber will fall before you realize that it takes 60 years to grow an oak and 60 seconds to down one with a chain saw? And when, oh when, will you be understand that conservation isn't just a hippie thing? And when will you realize that you represent all of Chatham, not just some and outside interests?

How much money and power do you need?

And how pathological is your need to embarrass rather than consider another's grave concerns?

Answer me that.

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