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Letters to the Editor

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Congratulations to "Pitch Please" and their director, Mr. Hanson
[Dec. 14, 2014] Thanks to all who got out their votes. The support from the entire Chatham community and schools was overwhelming. Today it was announced that the Northwood high school A Cappella "Pitch Please" came in first place and won first prize in the MIX 101.5 Christmas Choir Competition. Mr. Hanson and these students are hard working and a joy to hear; Mr. Hanson has accomplished amazing things and has created wonderful opportunities for these students; and all after only two years at Northwood.
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I choose to stick with the facts and reelect commissioners Petty, Stewart, and BockI choose to stick with the facts and reelect commissioners Petty, Stewart, and Bock
[Oct. 14, 2014] It's campaign season once again in Chatham County and that means we can expect to see many posts about politics over the next few months. We have ample evidence that John Graybeal and Jeffrey Starkweather are in charge of leading the opposition against the conservative commissioners. Graybeal and Starkweather will continue to write letters (for others to sign) with misleading talking points in the hopes of confusing us By John Ingels
Of course Moral Monday is about money
[Jul. 13, 2013] Dear Thom Goolsby, I am not quite sure I understand your point. Of course Moral Monday is about money. But money itself is just a feature of a modern economic social structure. It is just a tool. By Ann Corley Silverman
Also: Moron Monday shows radical Left just doesn’t get it
Also: ‘Moron Monday’ Remarks Way Off Base
Former Chatham Coalition leader Jeff Starkweather opens a bottle of whine
[Jun. 29, 2013] I have been extremely fortunate to have served the people of this county for last seven and half years as a board member of the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation. By Jeffry Starkweather
It is about time the radical Left learned to use the tactics of the radical Right
[Jun. 16, 2013] This is in response to Thom Goolsby's "Moron Monday shows that the radical Left just doesn't get it" article. Instead of promoting an atmosphere to create desperately needed jobs, they are rehashing decisions made years ago so that the new member can have chance to vote against the law of the land.
Schizophrenic Randy Voller faces apparent conflicts of interestSchizophrenic Randy Voller faces apparent conflicts of interest
[Mar. 27, 2013] The Greater Pittsboro Community Development Corporation was founded in 2010 and its President and Chairperson is Randolph Voller, Mayor of Pittsboro. There is a lot of overlap between Randy’s roles as Mayor of Pittsboro, President / Chairperson of the GPCDC, and Chair of the NC Democratic Party. How well he can separate these and be impartial for Pittsboro's Citizens? By Brad Johnson
Attendants at Chatham Recycling Centers deserve our appreciation
[Aug. 14, 2012] I read an irate letter from a Chatham county resident about the attendants at the recycling center who it is claimed took an item that should have gone to the residents.I have quite a different view;. while there may always be one person in a large group who doesn't live up to the highest standards, on the whole this is a very dedicated and unusually pleasant and polite group of people. By Karen Jordan
After nearly seven years the Chatham–Cary joint land use sub-committee has almost finished its workAfter nearly seven years the Chatham–Cary joint land use sub-committee has almost finished its work
[Apr. 22, 2012] After nearly seven years the Chatham – Cary joint land use sub-committee has almost finished its work. The plan covers the area located east of Jordan Lake in Chatham. It’s meant to guide future land use regulations, public infrastructure improvements, and development. There have been more than a dozen draft maps containing revisions and changes from the original. Most changes were made based on input gathered during the public input sessions held in 2006, 2009, and 2011. The latest revisions continued the refinement based on the landowners in the area and input from the planning boards of Chatham and Cary. In most cases we were able to accommodate the desires of the current property owners as related to their property. By Brian Bock
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Pittsboro mayor Randolph Voller and town board exhibit unfriendly business attitudePittsboro mayor Randolph Voller and town board exhibit unfriendly business attitude
[Mar. 12, 2012] On Tuesday, February 27, the Pittsboro Board Of Commissioners unanimously approved the Haw River Christian Academy to open up in downtown. The business community joins the Board in welcoming them into our neighborhood. In the short run, the meeting was an object lesson in the power of the involved citizen. The uproar that followed the Academy’s treatment in the January meeting led to two overflow gatherings. This last one brought two television stations as well. In the face of that, the delays disappeared and the early and rapid vote of approval brought a loud cheer. By Bill Crawford
Chatham Council on Aging food pantry in needChatham Council on Aging food pantry in need
[Jun. 22, 2011] Are you looking to give back to your community, but have no time to volunteer? How about helping out in another way, by simply dropping off some groceries to help someone in need? The Chatham County Council on Aging is currently in great need of goods for our food pantries at both the Siler City and Pittsboro Senior Centers. By Megan Coggins
Champion for the job-creatorChampion for the job-creator
[Jun. 21, 2011] In last year's election it was all about jobs, taxes and spending. I am pleased to see that our leaders, both in the General Assembly and in Chatham County, have stuck to this message and are keeping their promises. Private sector jobs are the priority, and they are working to make our state and county an attractive place for businesses to grow, so we can produce more jobs. This encompasses a lot of things, but reducing taxes and regulatory roadblocks for businesses is crucial. Prioritizing and controlling essential spending so that we can be in the position to lower taxes is the key to help grow our economy. By Cathy Wright
Anyone up for playing some adult softball in Chatham County?Anyone up for playing some adult softball in Chatham County?
[Jun. 10, 2011] A few of my neighbors and I are looking to play some adult softball, but can't seem to find anything organized or unorganized in Chatham County. Is there anything going on right now? By Sara B. Morand
Let's keep the county government budget in checkLet's keep the county government budget in check
[May 26, 2011] With each passing day, the debt clock in our country is increasing at a frightening rate. From our federal government down to our state and local governments, it is imperative that our government rein in it's out-of-control spending. Just as private citizens are cutting back in their own budgets, so must our government. This is why I support the five percent cut in the Chatham County budget. By Nancy Clark
Beer garden party fundraiser for Chatham County TogetherBeer garden party fundraiser for Chatham County Together
[May 12, 2011] I serve as a volunteer at Chatham County Together in their Graduation Project program. I get so much satisfaction from working with high school students in accomplishing a quite daunting task for them. You can see a photo of one of my students with his horse sculpture on the home page of the CCT website. Chatham County Together is a critically important resource for our communities. By Forrest Greenslade
Let's work together to make Chatham County government more efficient
[Apr. 10, 2011] Over the past year I have talked often about "streamlining" government. Since being sworn in as a commissioner, I've worked to transition the talk into action. As I and the other new commissioners have gone about our work, it hadn't occurred to me that there might be some confusion as to what is meant by streamlining. Recently however, a few members of CCEC and one of my fellow commissioners have expressed confusion when the topic of streamlining arises. Since I expect to be focusing on the topic over the next four years I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know what I'm thinking when I say "streamline". By Brian Bock

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