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Letters to the Editor

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Churches: Chatham Habitat is a mission in your backyard
[Dec. 22, 2009] The Ibarra Rivera family lives in a cramped, run-down apartment far from their place of employment with their three daughters ages 6, 3 and 9 months. Their front yard is a gravel parking lot with cars frequently pulling in and out. They dream of owning a home of their own and they are willing to work hard to make this happen. By Brett Essen
Bill Crawford for Pittsboro mayorBill Crawford for Pittsboro mayor
[Nov. 3, 2009] I strongly support Bill Crawford for Pittsboro mayor. Bill is a lifelong friend of my husband's family. He has worked in restaurant management for the past 30 plus years. He has a family. His wife Cathy is a OB nurse at UNC who also works in the emergency room at Chatham Hospital. He has one daughter at Horton Middle School and a daughter and son at Pittsboro Elementary School. By Mia Munn
Trial bus service from Pittsboro to Chapel HillTrial bus service from Pittsboro to Chapel Hill
[Sep. 22, 2009] It was very gratifying for me to hear that Mayor Randy Voller and the Pittsboro Town Board unanimously passed a motion to support the trial bus service from Pittsboro to Chapel Hill. The Chatham County Board of Commissioners had already passed a motion to support the bus service, but in order for this effort to succeed Pittsboro also had to support it. This type of collaboration between Chatham County, Chapel Hill Transit, and the Town of Pittsboro is an example of how cooperation can be leveraged to maximize opportunity. By Lothar Voller
Chatham County Republicans seek volunteers to help Habitat For Humanity
[Jun. 21, 2009] On Saturday August 29, 2009 Chatham County Republicans will volunteer a day of Service to help Habitat for Humanity. We will be working in the Chatham Oaks Subdivision in Pittsboro. The day will begin at 8:30 am and end at 3:30 pm. We plan to have two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. By Brian Bock
Lucier's "open government" is not so open
[Mar. 12, 2009] The Chatham Conservative Voice held our community forum on the ICE Resolution last evening. We have been working hard to thoroughly research the resolution and the process by which it was drafted. By Heather Johnson
Illegal immigration supporters in Chatham County get down and dirty
[Feb. 12, 2009] I am encouraged by the the recent desperate and traditional response of the illegal immigration supporters in Chatham County. Certain County Commissioners like George Lucier, and illegal alien supporting activists have responded to citizen activists that disagree with the County Commission's decision to establish Chatham as North Carolina's first and only official Sanctuary County by engaging in dirty politics, smear campaigns, and ad hominem attacks. By William Gheen
Chatham commissioners should not worry about criminals being inconvenienced
[Jan. 21, 2009] The Chatham Board of Commissioners is off to a dubious start. One of their first acts of the year was to pass a resolution opposing Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The program authorizes cooperation among local law enforcement and immigration agents to reduce crime and improve safety in our communities. By Brian Bock
Article about high sodium foods may cause alarm for readers
[Jan. 11, 2009] The Jan. 4 article “Consumer Reports identifies foods that have surprisingly high levels of sodium” may cause unnecessary alarm for your readers. By Robert E. Brackett, Ph.D.
Spinning the presidency
[Jun. 13, 2008] Throughout this most exciting Presidential election cycle, the pundits and would-be pundits have presumed to fashion a President for the American people. It is rather insulting that these so called learned people consider us to be so malleable, we can not objectively and astutely choose a leader for our country. However, the dichotomous
closeness of the contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination portends a disturbing phenomenon; the pundits could be right. By Del Turner
830 reasons why Bob Etheridge must go
[Mar. 13, 2008] Yesterday, Dan Mansell condemned the continued irresponsible behavior of Congressman Bob Etheridge and his relentless support of the ethanol industry. Mansell said, “Etheridge’s policy of putting the ethanol industry and Washington lobbyists before the people of the North Carolina 2nd District must come to an end.” By Dan Masell Press Office
Farewell poem to RamtexFarewell poem to Ramtex
[Feb. 26, 2008] It would be nice to see a story about the closing of the Ramtex weaving operation in Ramseur, NC, from the employees perspective. And, not stuck back in the folds of the paper, but out front for all to see. By Sheila Parrish
Moratorium will give us breathing roomMoratorium will give us breathing room
[May 22, 2007] Actions speak louder than words. When our descendants look back on what occurred in this time, what we say tonight will be little remembered. But when you pass this residential development moratorium your actions will never be forgotten. By Jeffrey Starkweather
Inconsistencies in school salariesInconsistencies in school salaries
[Apr. 9, 2007] The 29 March edition of the Chatham News and Record published a piece concerning "extra" supplements certain school employees receive. Dr. Ann Hart, Superintendent, is quoted as saying "we want to be transparent about it" referring to the additional supplement from local funds. That is an interesting comment since my discovery of that xtra local supplement last spring to date she has refused to post salaries when such information is in the public realm. One has to insist upon getting the "transparent" information as a matter of public record. By Gerald Totten
Northwood faces wide gaps in safety and security
[Apr. 3, 2007] Facility concerns of Northwood High School as reported is last week’s edition of the Chatham News and Record were fairly reported last week. What is somewhat ludicrous was the spin doctor’s comments attributed to the spokesperson for the school’s central office. By Gerald Totten
Also: Gerald Totten Blog
NC WARN continues to mislead the publicNC WARN continues to mislead the public
[Mar. 27, 2007] NC WARN, a local anti-nuclear organization continues to mislead the public on the level of safety at the Harris Nuclear Plant, particularly regarding our ability to protect the plant from fire. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the federal agency that oversees all aspects of plant operations, would not allow the plant to operate if there were issues that put public health and safety at risk. By Bob Duncan, VP Harris Nuclear Plant
Also: Squirming out of making Shearon Harris safe

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