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Who is in charge? Who runs Chatham County?

By Efrain A. Ramirez Jr.
Posted Tuesday, March 16, 2004

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Homestead approved

Last night was orchestrated, rehearsed, pre-recorded, pre-approved. The selling of Chatham County continued. County Attorney Gunn wrote the words, Commissioner Morgan moved, then pulled the string and Commissioner Outz seconded, and guess what? Commissioner Pollard agreed! The only one who had the honesty and guts to dissent was Bob Atwater. Throughout the session it was mumble and put your hand in front of your face when you talked. Several times the audience asked all to please speak up, to use the microphones. At one point a staff member commented that this wasn't for the benefit of the public, it involved the commissioners. The only one who spoke clearly was Dr.Lucier of the Planning Board.

It seemed the house was full of realtors, developers and kin to the property owner, all with cute little signs that said; "Pittsboro says Yes"; "Siler city says Yes"; Moncure, Bennett, Bonlee, Silk Hope, etc. say yes. According to them the whole county said yes to Homestead, yet it was only three Commissioners, an attorney and those who benefit from Homestead who said yes. This in spite of recommendations by 7 out of 10 Planning Board Members (1 abstention) against Homestead. Even Mark McBee of Chatham County "NOW" (remember them from the last Commissioners' election) voted agaisnt Homestead. Once again Commissioners have gone against the public and the Planning Board. Why have a Planning Board if their decisions are going to be repeatedly overridden. Who is in charge ? Who runs Chatham County? Not the voters it seems.

Let us see how the voters, how those who are truly concerned about the future of Chatham respond in the forthcoming Commissioner elections.

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