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What I Have Learned from the Chatham Chatlist

By Lyle Estill
Posted Monday, April 28, 2014

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Goldston, NC - I was relieved to learn that Tom Glendenning feels the Chatlist is a viable place to share our opinions.

That was a relief to me, since I was uptight about Cryptic's willingness to waste patchouli oil in his engine.

I wasn't that worried about Taylor Kish. He runs around on welfare fuel, paid for by those of us who pay taxes. His fuel is subsidized by little things like war, health care, climate change and the like. His inability to string together a cohesive argument may be evidence of quaffing too many petroleum fumes.

But when I learned John Alderman was a liberal--that rocked my world. John's arguments have always made sense to me. I always thought that he was well reasoned and insightful. But when I learned from the Chatlist
that he was a Liberal I decided to overlook the conservative facade he presents when you are speaking to him in person.

I was horrified to learn that Donna's restaurant is not thriving because of Pittsboro Matters. As a local business person I would prefer to see all local businesses succeed. The fact that a chain store was converted into a
locally owned business seemed like a great victory to me. I guess Pittsboro Matters is a group of evil doers that does not like pizza.

I didn't see anything on the Chatlist about how the Research Triangle Park is now expanding, and adding a residential component to the mix. It made me think that that perhaps Chatham Park Investors' idea of creating a new RTP in Pittsboro is even more wrong headed than I thought it was in the first place.

I suppose it is neither here nor there.

From the Chatlist I learned that it is possible for anonymous armchair quarterbacks to spit poison on things they don't know about, and for fictional cowards to assassinate the character of people they have never
met, and to disparage groups they have never attended.

From the Chatlist I have also learned that people lose and regain their pets. And that occasionally they have stuff for sale.

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What I Have Learned from the Chatham Chatlist

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